Twilight Sparkle gets a surprise phone call from Sunset Shimmer out of nowhere. It's nothing to worry about... right?

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The legend of buttdial...How do you come up with these titles?

This was great. Nice and adorable, and it can definitely work without a second chapter (though I wouldn't mind seeing one).

Well done as always dude.

You have to write a sequel for this. Please.

This was wonderfully silly and cute :twilightsmile:

Moar!!! :flutterrage:

Absolutely adorable. SciSet is such a great ship.

That was adorkable and sweet. I approve.

I've gotta say as well I enjoy the way you write your sci-twi. Not enough people give her enough scientific jargon to spout.

Sublime from start to finish.

This is lovely. Not sure how to explain it, but I like how your writing has comedic randomness sprinkled in the descriptions and dialogue. For instance.

“That can happen, r-right? Horse demons? Thirsting for blood and carrots!”

:rainbowlaugh: carrots!
Keep doing what you're doing. It's great.

That was so sweet I think my teeth are rotting. Good job. Hopefully you will write something about when Sunset actually asks Twilight out.


sketcherly graphite tributes to Heisenberg.

Stop! My penis can only get so erect!

Heisenberg, Bohr, and a blonde walk into a bar...

I'm uncertain where this joke is going. However, it could be funny on several different levels.


You got to write a second part don't leave us hanging!:fluttercry:

“That can happen, r-right? Horse demons? Thirsting for blood and carrots!” Twilight shook her fist. “Where and how can I find blood carrots of appeasement at this hour?!”

That made me snort covfefe all over my monitor.

The title kind of gives away what's happening, making Twilight's confusion in the first half redundant.

Generally speaking, if you're saying things like "blood carrots of appeasement," you should probably go to sleep. Or at least calm down enough to eavesdrop on your future girlfriend. Or something.

In any case, adorable Sunlight is adorable. The characters might not have been fuzzy, but the story sure was. Thank you for it.

After this story I PRETEND only one thing: A SEQUEL !!!!!!!

Returning seriously, I congratulate you for this story. Good job

That was adorkable as anything!

Okay, that’s way too adorkable.
I was able to parse some of the sound effects in the earlier phone calls, but not all of them. :rainbowderp:

Cute. Would have liked more of a conclusion, though.

Well. Could be worse.

Couldvve been Newtons Ring. :trollestia:

So after hours of discussing this with the council we have agreed that a sequel is going to be needed

A wonderful read. I loved every second of it. I don't think I read a story that made me smile that much in a long time.

If parts of Sunset's conversation had been a tad more ambiguous, then it could very well have been the OTHER Twilight that she was talking about.
Wouldn't that have made for an awkward conversation... :rainbowderp:

“Heehee—say... did you hear the classic joke that begins with 'Heisenberg, Bohr, and a blonde walk into a bar?'”

“The punchline has something to do with 'Einstein's Slit.'


I have to know how the rest of that joke goes. If I don't, I think I'm going to start screaming.

Good job.

This was sweet.:twilightsmile:

And then she gathered eight magical instruments to play for the Wind Fish.

I love your Sunlight so much.

First, that story was diabetes inducing with how adorkable Twilight was and the whole situation.

Second of all, nothing beats Beakman's World, except Cosmos.

That was so fluffy that I couldn't help but smile stupidly for the whole duration.
Oh, the joy of accidental confessions.

This story needs a sequel STAT!

THIS is why I own a flip-phone.:facehoof: Zero chance of buttdailing and PLEASE tell me there is going to be a sequel to this.:twilightsheepish:

“Twilight...?” He rubbed his eye with a paw as he was cradled tightly to the teenager's chest. “Mrmmfff... what's wrong...?”

“Hmmmmm...” Twilight inhaled sharply. She laid against a hill of fluffy pillows, drawing her knees up as she squeezed Spike tighter and tighter. A big dumb smile produced a big dumb sound: “I think Sunset Shimmer might be in love with me.”

“Oh yeah...?” Spike yawned and closed his fuzzy eyelids. “...are you going to tell me next that water is wet?”

And it looks like it was obvious to everyone but Twilight herself.

Write a sequel or I'll send of horde of sugar high Pinkie Pies after you until you do!

cute story, and I have to say, twilight's dialogue is hilarious in this.

8203333 Wait... does Dog!Spike talk now? Is that a thing? I didn't watch the second or third movies.

Yes. He jumped through a series of warps to Equestria and other dimensions, and ended up becoming sapient (and getting a voice) in the process.

Sequel? We're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

For a minute I thought the noises that sci-twi was hearing was Sunset farting...guess not. Nice story.

Gotta ask, what would Sunset's reaction be if she learned SciTwi had heard the conversation?

Judging by how this ended, I'm guessing that the will be a sequel?


#2 This was a great little fluff piece that I love! Furthermore, it's a rather amusing and unique way of having the two of them fall in love, which I REALLY love! <3

8204691 Sunset accidentally took this picture of herself while she was checking her recent calls on the way home.


Another request for the rest of the joke. It's... too perfect.
Great little oneshot!

8201120 It's Uncertain, but it's atomically structured to not be a bore.

One of the better SciSet one-shots I've seen in a while. Nicely done. :ajsmug:

I need a sequel to this so bad.

How to make your bookworm happy 101: compliments and science. Lots of science, though, so Sunset has to get that part down once they inevitably get together. My question is: will Twilight be the one to ask first, or Sunset?

Obviously, I'm asking for a sequel. :rainbowwild: This is unbelievably cute! I need to go sate my need for SunLight now.

Damn, this was cute. Needs a sequel though.

To all who have been requesting a sequel, I’m afraid the writer has made a blog post stating a sequel is not being planned nor is there any intention for it :ajsleepy:

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