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Congrats to those who ganged up on me when I was at my lowest point and all but forced me off here, you won you sickos!

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Two years later · 7:19am January 22nd

Well well well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Two years after the date your bullying of me reached a head on here to be precise. And you might be wondering, why am i still thinking of this, it was two years ago? Well, let’s go into a bit of storytime. When I wrote this story, my life was hell, in pretty much every way. I could go into detail, but most of you probably are too selfish to care, so rather than waste my time writing it out, let’s just do a TLDR. 

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Victor. I really wish I was here much earlier, because you did not deserve to be targeted for harassment and made fun of. You truly deserved much better. Hopefully your stories are at least interesting to read. Sorry of what you were put through for the last few years.

lolbag they can't handle ANYTHING here that isn't fully agreeing with their worldviews

Also lawl at the loser downvoting you. Guess people cannot handle the truth on here

No kidding. Would you believe he frigging blocked me? And I was nothing but nice to him too. seems kind of weak sauce

lol what's with this guy removing comments? seems kind of ridiculous

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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