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Twilight has found herself asking Sunset Shimmer out on a date...accidentally, but it happened. The Shadowbolts all have advice for her, but it's all rather...horrible. Can Twilight survive her friend's relationship advice?

They mean well, that should count for something...shouldn't it? Shouldn't it?

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cute story you better write about there date OR ELSE

I'm confused... How can there be an anthro tag and an Equestria Girls tag at the same time?

7615633 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I actually didn't intend on writing about the actual date, seeing as it's sort of described by the Shadowbolts earlier (at least the plan), but if people are interested, why not? Thanks for watching! :twilightsmile:

7615788 That's a good question, with a very deep answer: I didn't think the tags through very thoroughly :twilightsheepish: My bad! Hope you liked it anyways!

7615845 things never go as planned plus twilight is far to adorkable to not mess things up now you will write about the date or else ill sell you to pinkie pie as a slave

7615851 Wow, you get right to the point :twilightsmile: Guess I have no choice then

7615860 indeed you dont

7615991 Haha, does that mean you liked it?

Oh man, Twikight actually snarking at Sour Sweet is probably the bravest thing she's ever done. "How long have we been dating" indeed.
I totally agree with the rest of these guys- Needs a sequel, if at least for more hilarious Shadowbolt stalking shenanigans.

the part talking about what Sunset was even doing in Equestria and how it'll probably never get told is probably my favorite part

How do you churn these out so fast?..

Must see... a sequel... must see... the date!

7616288 hehe, those were honestly two of my favorite moments to write. To be fair, the second one is kind of a punchline ripped from a "basic instructions" comic, which I decided to shamelessly re-appropriate here. Thanks for faving!

7616613 I met a man in Georgia who smelled of brimstone and sulfur. He offered me the ability to write very quickly in exchange for my soul. I feel like I made out better in that deal, there was a good chance he was getting it anyways! :rainbowlaugh: thanks for reading!

7617036 Well, I really hadn't planned on writing it, but you make three people who want to see it now, and that's more than enough for me. :twilightsmile: I'm really happy people are enjoying this story enough to request a sequel! :raritystarry: Thank you so much for faving!

7617265 Yeah that was totally a good deal, for us at least. Hopefully the quality will continue to match the pace! If you ever feel starved for ideas, don't feel obligated to keep it up all the time, of course. Also, I'll throw my name among those who'd like to see a direct sequel to this particular plotline.

7616004 it means WHAT THE FUCK!

Wow Sunny Flare's advice actually didn't suck.

7618307 Haha, I think it could have actually been helpful advice...if it was for someone else (Rarity jumps to mind). I'm not sure how comfortable Sunset Shimmer would actually be being treated like a princess in a fairytale.

I'd say she wins by a mile for being the only one not to suggest something hurtful or illegal.

Sunset placed her hand on her forehead in the most blatant, and playful, impersonation of Rarity she could manage. “And here I thought you wanted me for my mind! It turns out, all along you were just after what all girls like you are after. Scientific data.”

No matter where it is, I've always loved it when Sunset teases and gets either Twilight all flustered.

“If there’s one thing I know about dating, it’s that you gotta send. Mixed. Signals.” Sour Sweet pounded her first into her palm on the last two words to make her point.

Oh no. I'm shuddering at the image of whatever hell Sour Sweet has put her dates through dates.

“Dead! So, you’ve got to walk a fine line. You want her rocking back and forth from one emotional extreme to the other. One moment you’re in love with her, the next, you HATE her! Never let her get a real handle on what you’re feeling. Confusion is your greatest ally here.”

Yep. Sounds like hell.

“Oh...trust me,” Sour Sweet said, pinching Twilight’s cheek. “If we were dating...you’d know it.”

That's just terrifying.

Operation, ‘Stalk Twilight and Sunset’s First Date’: begins!” Indigo Zap said.

“Can we at least call it something else?” Sunny Flare asked.


That's a very nice disturbed way to end this whole fiasco/story.

Overall, that was a lot of laughs and I enjoyed almost all of it. Thank you for writing this.

7619318 Thank you so much for your kind comments :raritystarry: I'm so glad you liked this story!

Sour Sweet was really fun to write for here. She just sort of naturally lent herself to being a tsundere, and it was fun to get Twilight to snark her a little bit.

And yeah...it's too fun to have Sunset tease Twilight.

Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

At least none of the Shadowbolt girls use the perverted advice.

7635504 Haha, fair enough! I'm trying to keep it within the "E" rating, so I avoided anything that I felt would be very out of place on the show, hence why all their advice, while not particularly helpful, is pretty benign.

Well... this was cute as heck.

Twilight wrote down the suggestions in her notebook, then raised her index finger. “Question...have you ever dated anyone besides Pinkie Pie?”


“Wow…” Indigo Zap said.
“Sounds like the sort of thing only a talented storyteller could do justice to,” Sunny Flare said.
“Too bad we’ll never hear about it,” Sugarcoat added.

That got meta fast.

7637230 Thank you so much :twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked it! Yup! Sugarpie! It's referencing some of my other fics...this ship doesn't make a ton of sense, but for some reason I find it adorable. Besides, Pinkie Pie's already shown that she can genuinely love and be super enthusiastic about people/things with not very explicit emotions (like Maud and Gummy) so I figure, why not Sugarcoat?

7637460 I love being meta :twilightsmile: And self-deprecating. So, this was a good opportunity for both. Thanks for reading!

7615845 In that case, you should get rid of it. I don't know how you'd that though... Try asking the mods.

I kinda want to go to that underground club. :pinkiecrazy:. It sounds like fun.

7641218 I sort of imagine that DJ Pon-3 performs there :rainbowlaugh: thanks for reading!


Why is this anthro

Twilight has found herself asking Sunset Shimmer our on a date

"our on a date"
Should be "out on a date".

Twilight scratched the back of her head awkwardly. “I...may know a guy who has a cool lab of his own. Obsessed with time travel, but he lets me take some of his old gear if I need it.”

So does that mean she knows Time Turner aka Dr. Whooves? :rainbowhuh:

7725700 Yup! :twilightsmile: At least, that's the intended implication. I figured, two resident mad scientists...why not, right? :pinkiehappy:

Oh my God Sour Sweets advice :rainbowlaugh:

7650168 Have you not heard of Equestria Girls yet?

7735211 Hehe, glad you liked it! I find it a little challenging to write Sour Sweet, to be honest, I want to make her likable, without losing her characterization from Friendship Games, so there's a balance there that I struggle with a little bit. So, I'm glad you liked her...um...contribution? :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading!

manipulation isn't a bad talent if you use it for the greater good...great story! Shadowbolts were incredibly funny xD

7739238 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I like to imagine that Sunset hasn't really lost her talent for manipulation, but she's outgrown the whole, "use it to undermine friendships" thing and instead uses it for more constructive ends...like showing off for Twilight :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading!

Other than the fact, that it's in separate oneshots instead of being a single fic, it's a good one.

You may want to combine all those into a single fic. There's a clear continuity and no closure on any of them, so there's no reason for them to exist as oneshots. I would've almost missed it because of that, since I tend to filter out fics below 10k words.

I'm pretty sure it's against Fimfiction rules too.

Comment posted by Born-From-Black-Lightnin deleted Dec 2nd, 2016

7763983 In the famous words of the XKCD guy, "I'm so meta, even this acronym." Thanks for reading, and for the fave! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, yeah, you turned into some reality warping demon-thing, that’s not important right now. This is about dating, Twilight. It’s serious business.

Her crystal prep friends would get along swimmingly with Cadence wouldn't they? :yay:

“Operation, ‘Stalk Twilight and Sunset’s First Date’: begins!” Indigo Zap said.

Get along swimmingly indeed. :eeyup:

7773463 Well, she is their dean, to be fair :scootangel: Thanks for reading!

Great advice. Really really reaaaally great advice guys. :facehoof:

7838554 The moral of this story is don't take dating advice from emotionally-underdeveloped teenagers.

I'm...not exactly Aesop over here :twilightsheepish: Thanks for reading!


Great fic! I enjoyed reading it!

This was tremendous fun! You worked wonders with the Shadowbolts' characterization, the advice scenes never outstayed their welcome, and while the Sugarpie was unexpected, I can see it working. They probably bonded over their mutual love of blurting out exposition. :raritywink:

Seriously, great stuff. Thank you for it.

7844960 Aw, why thank you so much :twilightsmile: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll admit it, I'm kinda proud of this one (while I realize it's not perfect), I feel like it's the first story I wrote where I actually managed to get into my own groove. I'm glad none of the advice scenes went on too long, it's always a fear of mine when I do a story featuring all five of The Shadowbolts like this that I might unbalance the cast and have one of them run for too long.

As for SugarPie...yeah, I really originally intended just to introduce it as a joke by having someone as deadpan as Sugarcoat have a crush on someone as...Pinkie Pie-ish as Pinkie Pie :rainbowlaugh: But it really started to grow on me, and Pinkie Pie has shown that she really does appreciate people who aren't as expressive as she is (like Maud), so...I feel like it sort of works? Maybe that's just me, but I like it :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for reading, and for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

Sunny Flare said, pacing around the room as Twilight sat very stiffly in in the desk chair.

an extra word there.

“I really don’t think she want that,”

may need to add an 's to that.

This was the best.
There advice was... so funny.
I am now rather curious as to what Shimmer was up to in Equestria.
If the rest of the stories you have are this good or better, I may just have to make a folder and stuff them all into it.

7880285 Curse you for finding my errors...jk, jk, good catch! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Haha, the tales of Sunset Shimmer's quest to Equestria...are left to a better storyteller than I am :rainbowlaugh: More seriously, I imagine it was something large scale, like the release of a major villain...which the main characters are completely disinterested in, and Sunset's taking completely in stride :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading, and for the fave!

“What’s Sunset even going back to Equestria for anyways?” Sour Sweet asked. “Seems sort of out-of-the-blue.”
“Apparently, her world’s...version of me called in a favor. There’s some kind of crisis going on, one that requires three of the smartest unicorns alive to solve. Fate of the world, that kind of thing.”
“Wow…” Indigo Zap said.
“Sounds like the sort of thing only a talented storyteller could do justice to,” Sunny Flare said.
“Too bad we’ll never hear about it,” Sugarcoat added.

Pinkie much?

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