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Throughout her entire time at CHS,Twilight has kept a secret since she arrived. A crush towards one friend that gave her everything she thought she didn't need in her life,Sunset Shimmer. Twilight wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of Sunset,but Sunset pushed her into the arms of another. So the secret stays hidden until she finally works up the courage to deal with it herself.

Cover made by me.

This is inspired by a song entitled KAILAN which is english for WHEN so it may be obvious as to what the story is about.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 20 )

Amazing idea for a history, I expect to read the next chapter soon.

I'm loving this story so far, it's hella cute!

Please update soon, I love the story so far! :heart:

do not worry, it's not always easy to update

Yo, hyped for the next chapter, this was cute af!

I can feel Twilight’s anguish here, the fear of confessing to a crush is far too relatable :ajsleepy:

Sci-Twi should show her feelings of action to Sunset Shimmer.

I'm kind of having a debate about that too. I want them to be together but at the same time I want this to be close to reality hence Twilight gets regected by Sunset.

I am loving this story, it’s cute but also realistic which is a nice change of pace, hope to see more!

Definitely unexpected but this just made me more curious of how you will write the rest of the fic

Author Interviewer

I don't think you're supposed to do this kind of thing. <.< At the least, you should've taken this chapter out when you continued the story.

Author Interviewer

He was devastated beyond compare and was even tempted to dispose of this person

Timber Spruce will murder your whole family. :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

I'm honestly impressed they didn't end up together! This could use some better editing, but for shipping, it was cute and surprising. :)

She gave me a pet name. She freakin' gave me a pet name! This is the best day ever!


At that moment Twilight wanted to bang her head literally anywhere and die.

That's how I feel everyday

I really did not like it how Sunset didn't want to start a relationship with twilight

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