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Throughout her entire time at CHS,Twilight has kept a secret since she arrived. A crush towards one friend that gave her everything she thought she didn't need in her life,Sunset Shimmer. Twilight wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of Sunset,but Sunset pushed her into the arms of another. So the secret stays hidden until she finally works up the courage to deal with it herself.

Cover made by me.

This is inspired by a song entitled KAILAN which is english for WHEN so it may be obvious as to what the story is about.

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Amazing idea for a history, I expect to read the next chapter soon.

I'm loving this story so far, it's hella cute!

Please update soon, I love the story so far! :heart:

do not worry, it's not always easy to update

Yo, hyped for the next chapter, this was cute af!

I can feel Twilight’s anguish here, the fear of confessing to a crush is far too relatable :ajsleepy:

Sci-Twi should show her feelings of action to Sunset Shimmer.

I'm kind of having a debate about that too. I want them to be together but at the same time I want this to be close to reality hence Twilight gets regected by Sunset.

I am loving this story, it’s cute but also realistic which is a nice change of pace, hope to see more!

Definitely unexpected but this just made me more curious of how you will write the rest of the fic

Author Interviewer

I don't think you're supposed to do this kind of thing. <.< At the least, you should've taken this chapter out when you continued the story.

Author Interviewer

He was devastated beyond compare and was even tempted to dispose of this person

Timber Spruce will murder your whole family. :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

I'm honestly impressed they didn't end up together! This could use some better editing, but for shipping, it was cute and surprising. :)

She gave me a pet name. She freakin' gave me a pet name! This is the best day ever!


At that moment Twilight wanted to bang her head literally anywhere and die.

That's how I feel everyday

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Dec 1st, 2021

This place is certainly much more welcoming than Crystal Prep. will ever be.

Prep will ever be.*

"You've been here for months,yet you already got it bad for her." Spike's voice said from inside her backpack as she stops her daydreaming and tries to focus her mind on something else other than the red head/blonde beauty.

And here I thought she'd stop bringing Spike with her now that she's a student at CHS. :facehoof:

"Good now hold,it's gonna be a bit of a bumpy ride."

Good, now hold on,*

She once more raked her hand across those silky locks,she saw a smile form on the sleeping girl's face her as body practically scooted closer to hers. Adjusting her position so that Sunset's head was resting on her lap and so that she can get a better angle.

face as her body*

So far so good story wise, but there's a lot of mistakes in regards to spaces in sentences.

Sunset Shimmer stirred awake as felt something shook her shoulder. Cracking an eye open she was greeted by Twilight's tear streaked face,the tiredness of her body leaving at the sight that she instantly sat up and asked.

awake as she felt*

Spike groaned as he was awoken by the rays of sunlight coming from the tentswindow and hits him square on the face.

tent's windows*

"Are you kidding me?! Of course it was necessary,i'm not leaving my girlfriend alone in the woods knowing that there might be some shit-face creep lurking around! That would just be fucked up!" Rainbow protested but Fluttershy just released an adorable giggle and kissed her lover cheek.

Well, glad to know those two are in a relationship of their own. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight felt like squealing but she held it in and took Sunset's hand in which Sunset pulled them closer and raised her other arm with her hand behind Twilight's shoulder and the latter had her arm over Sunset's with her hand on her shoulder. The two rocked back and forth to the music in harmony when it came to the climax of the song, Sunset unexpectedly raised Twilight's body in the air and twirled her around before finally setting her feet back on the ground.

Awesome! :yay:

Ever since Camp Everfree he knew that he couldn't let her leave without confessing because the moment he laid his eyes on her he was struck by cupid's arrow and was captivated by not just her outward appearance but with her inner beauty and quirks as well. However when she announced that she was already interested in someone else and that it wasn't just measly crush or fling. He was devastated beyond compare and was even tempted to dispose of this person but thinking it through, that would just be selfish of him and cruel. So as much as it pains him to see her with someone else, he rather see her happy than to be forced into a relationship with someone she doesn't have a romantic interest in. They did however keep in touch with each other and over the course of a few months the two bonded and remained good friends. Although, Timber still harbored feelings for Twilight and didn't lose faith that she might feel the same way someday.

I did something similar to this myself for a story I did in 2021, but it's a bit different. :ajsmug:

After ordering their smoothies, the Rainbooms and the Crystal Prep. girls were seated in a long booth that fits all of them.

Prep girls*
that fit all of them.*

Inhaling through her nose, exhaling through her mouth, Twilight turned her body face Sunset as her confidence was building. Twilight cleared her throat and Sunset turned to look at her.

her body to face*

"I had another opportunity and I had the courage so I was prepared. But unaccounted events got ahead of me." Twilight sighed and rested her head on her hands her lips pursed.

on her hands as her lips pursed.*

"Yo Shimmer! Practise is about to start!" The distant voice of Rose Heart yelled as she waited for Sunset.


"I don't know what else to do,Timber. I have had multiple to chances to reveal to her but everyone one them falls somewhere between bad and/or disastrous."

everyone of them falls*

Twilight looked down at her feet as the hope in her eyes were slowly dying. Timber knew he was probably too late to offer some words of encouragement now, 'cause Twilight might thought it was pointless, and because he didn't have enough dating experience to know how to handle this situation, but better late than never,right?

Twilight might've thought*

This is as far as intimacy as he'll ever get but he'll take. Timber will always treasure Twilight as a friend no matter how big his desire is for them to become something more.

but he'll take it.*

Once she recollected her memories,Twilight remembered every awkward encounter, every fruitless attempt at admitting her feelings, and every tender moment she and Sunset had shared together. The hugs, playful punches, kisses on the forehead, the banters on scientific theories, and the many splendor things Sunset had bestowed upon her. Though surprisingly for Twilight, even if she didn't have any pleasant memories of the redhead her interest on Sunset never left. It was simply one of those cliche teenage drama moments in movies and novels where the lead female developed feelings at someone who was out of their league. Like a nerd and a jock, a goody two shoes and a bad boy/girl, or the one where the new girl/boy falls head over heels in love with the person that is said to have a bad reputation or one of the popular kids. The latter is most likely the one that fits her situation.

reputation on one of the popular kids.*

She crashed her lips against Sunset's not even thinking ahead as to what could be the results of her actions as they 'cause just not the redhead but everybody else surrounding them, off guard as Sunset mind tried to explain to her what was currently occuring.When Sunset did catch up, she didn't do anything to stop Twilight's intentions. She just stood as still as stone as the kiss eventually came to an end and she stood their eyes and mouth wide open as she tried to find the right words say.

Sunset's mimd*
right words to say.*

The soft sobs turned to a salty waterfall of sorrow as Twilight did nothing to stop the tears from falling or even tried hiding the fact that she was crying. Sunset took of her vest before wrapping her arms around the crying girl and hugged her tightly as Twilight continued her onslaught of tears soaking the redhead's shirt but Sunset paid no mind. Twilight's sobs eventually subsided and was left sniffling.

took off*

"Best friends. We will always be best friends." Sunset pulled Twilight in her arms again for a good 30 seconds before Sunset said,"C'mon, I'll drive you home."

I'll take it, I guess... :unsuresweetie:

"What the fu-Rarity what are you talking about?!" Rainbow gripped her friends wrist to stop her from shaking her.


After reading this a second try, I still enjoyed the story but wish Sunset accepted Twilight's feelings for her as imo they will always be a couple. My other complaint is the huge amount of spaces required for much of the story. Other than that I still enjoyed the story. Slightly. :applejackunsure:

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