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As she tries to figure out her feelings for this new Twilight, a sleep over a Pinkie's house, and her special new recipe, cause everything to get much more complicated than she original thought. This is the conclusion to my rather unexpected "Sunlight Trilogy".

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this was really a fun and entertaining story!i dohope you continue the story line,for it would make one fun ride. well done!

We want a bonus!!!!

I'm glad you went for the cheek action instead of the lips. I've read a bunch of fics where the couple gets lip action on the first date, and honestly it's overdone (IMO). I just feel this is more realistic and not as rushed.

The term used for the little four-legged hop that pony!Pinkie uses so often is a 'pronk' apparently. I suspect that Sunset would have pronked back to her bike, if she had the requisite four legs. As it is, I'm sure that she was dancing!

This was cute without getting smutty and it did a good job of keeping Sci-Twi in character! Nice job!

Afterthought: Eventually, inevitably, this will get back to Princess Celestia. Maybe Sunset will mention that she has a 'special somepony' to Princess Twilight, who will naturally tell their mutual former mentor the good news. When that happens, the Goddess of the Sun may wish to meet Sunset's significant other. That might be an... interesting tale to tell.

why leave this as a trillogy plenty more fun to be had like sunset and twilight telling there friends

and have them secretly having a bet going on for when it would happen

6624662 This was just the set up for it. I'm sure I'll come up with other stories for these two in the future. For now though I should focus on the pony half of this franchise.

6624790 fair enough thoe i say focus on what ever and i love sunset so much i say there can never be to much stories focused on her

*reads story* it's good I like it
*reads last paragraph* yup, this is going on my favorites bookself!

“Yo Twilight, how you doin’?” she asked in a supposedly “smooth” voice as her hands made the “double guns” gesture.

JESUS I'm nine lines in already laughing, :rainbowlaugh:

It's soooooo fluffy!! :rainbowkiss:

Granulated sugar, powered sugar, brown sugar, sugar cubes, sugarcane, coffee beans, cocoa beans, whipped cream, some espresso and of course chocolate!

That actually sound really tasty... And that ending. Adorable.

Can you provide links for the other two stories? I want to make sure I've read them before I start this.

I didn't know any creator actually commented on Sunset with a motorcycle. I know it's been somewhat popular in fanfics since the first movie, but I thought that motocross scene was the closest we would get.

6706779 It's a quick line in the commentary for Friendship Games.

6709516 At least it is semi-canon, instead of just in the realm of fanfiction. Maybe in the next EQG movie we'll see her riding one. One can dream.

Sunset Washington and Twilight Carolina. The most interesting pairing ever, of all time.

6717690 Okay now I HAVE to know how you came up with THOSE comparisons!

6717690 Okay now I HAVE to know how you came up with THOSE comparisons!

For sunset, it's mainly due to how she trusted Celestia like Wash trusted the director, only while Sunset screwed things up herself, and like Wash, after causing problems for the protagonists only to get screwed over in the end, they were both given second chances. Twilight on the other is due to how Carolina, like Twilight didn't trust others due to her own team being jerks jerks to her, which helped made it hard for her to trust others like Carolina, who's own fell apart because of the director's actions and secrets, and when they both got in over their heads, Sunset and Wash came to the rescue with the help of their new friends. Also, Wash and Carolina are the last Freelancers, so they might end up together in the next red vs blue season. Wash certainly has more chance of getting with Carolina than Tucker does, though

There is also the fact some Sunlight fics make subtle references to Wash, mainly in his catchphrase

I'm talking about Human Twilight by the way

6719621 Hmmm...compelling argument. I can see it. Well played.

I love the subtle reference with Mint Berry Crunch! Great fic! Will definitely read again!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! REALLY need to get back to writing.

“But it’s so fitting! See? I have granulated sugar, powered sugar, brown sugar, sugar cubes, sugarcane, coffee beans, cocoa beans, whipped cream, some espresso and of course chocolate! In both regular and white forms!” she listed off, holding up each item as she did.

:rainbowderp: Dear God... PINKIE made Diabeetus in confectionery form!

Would you really expect anything less from her?

“Pinkie yah can’t serve this. It’ll cause...death,” Applejack told her.

Oh god, I actually cackled at that. My roommates already think I’m crazy.

Wish I could take credit for it but I did take that joke from The Boondocks. It's a classic.

“Absolutely! I mean what could possibly go wrong?!”

And there's the most classic Jinx you can possibly imagine

Why is Spike tagged if he's nowhere in the story? Which was amazing BTW.

Cause I probably picked him accident.

“Yeah it may take awhile for everyone to completely trust you but believe me they will,” she told her. “Although...” she added, scrunching her face up a bit. “Maybe wearing this isn’t helping much.” She pulled on the maroon vest of her Crystal Prep uniform.

Why is she still wearing her crystal crep uniform at CHS? I bet if rarity finds out she'll make her change into something better since why would twilight still need it if she no longer goes to Crystal crep.

“My time at Crystal Prep may not have been the best point of my life but it was still a big part of it,” she explained. “So it’s hard for me to just ditch this uniform since for such a long time it was what I associated with myself.” She cast a nervous glance towards the orange girl. “Does that make sense?”

Ok now I see why she's still wearing it. Though I find it a bit ridiculous though.

Sunset couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at Twilight’s enthusiasm for schoolwork. It really was adorable. Or “adorkable” as she had heard thrown around a bit.


The other girl blinked then looked down at herself and remember her state of undress. She let out her own panicked screech then tried to cover herself with her hands as best she could.

I have so many questions on how this happened in the first place.

“If you’re done in there, I’d like to have my room back please,” Maud’s voice said from the other side.

Wait they're in maud's room!?!?!?? I'm just scratching my head why though.

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