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In the aftermath of the Friendship Games ordeal, Sunset has to figure out her feelings for this new Twilight while dealing with her feelings for Princess Twilight. Thankfully she has a very familiar face to help her out.

This is the fourth in my Equestria Girls "series" and contains spoilers for "Friendship Games" and it follows my story "Equestria Girls: Wrong Book". It also has a reference to my regular pony story "It All Started With A Nap".

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That was a sweet little moment, I think. I like it.

I don't know... This story feels incomplete somehow. You have basically two stories - Sci-Twi trying to fit in despite her curiosity (very much the B-plot) and Sunset struggling with her crushes and being a lesbian. The two halves just don't entirely mesh properly. It would probably work better if there had been some link between the two and we at least had Sunset take some positive action at the end like offering to be Sci-Twi's tutor and translator for a while (admitting to herself that it is just to see if she can get to like Sci-Twi for herself rather than whom she resembles somewhat).

The one bit that worked perfectly was the interlude with Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Sometimes, going to an uninvolved party is the best way to sort out your own problems or at least come to understand just where you're getting it entirely wrong.

How doesn't this have 600 likes already?

So Vinyl is Jay and Silent Bob rolled up into one package? I can dig it.

*sniff* beautiful :fluttershysad:


“Yep. Also tiddies are pretty cool,” Vinyl added with a wicked smirk

such wisdom :eeyup:

“Oh she does that,” Octavia explained with a dismissive wave. “She thinks if she doesn’t talk much that when she does it’ll have some ‘profound impact’. At least that’s how she is at school . In private it’s another matter all together.”

The less you talk the more people listen when you do

“Ow! What was that for?!” she growled as she glared at Octavia while rubbing the sore spot on her head.

That's pretty mean, Octavia.
I get why she did that, but, seeing as Vinyl is definitely my favourite character from Equestria Girls, I'd definitely scold Octavia for that if I were there.

Very nice story, and Vinyl's part was pretty noice.

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