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It was just a normal return from the Grammys. Daft Punk just finished their performance and were proud of their grammy. However, things changed when they were sucked into a magical mirror that teleported them into the world of colorfully skinned high schoolers. With a music festival coming close, are Daft Punk the only ones able to help Canterlot High win? Will there be love? Jealousy? Strobe lights? We'll see.

[Takes place after Equestra Girls and before (shudder) Rainbow Rocks. I own nothing.]

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This was amazing or should I say...I dunno I don't have a pun. SORRY.

Oh. Well, this is awkward. This story passed moderation. How did that happen? :rainbowderp:

4469703 Lol. A story about you, and not a single pun.

4469737 Eh.... I blame Skrillex.

Now that is interesting. :twilightsmile:

I want to read this One More Time.

4475341 Of course, because he makes Brostep not Dubstep. You can never trust those stinkin brosteppers.

Where is your chapter "Around the World"? :rainbowhuh:

I like the direction of this. It's funny but takes it's self seriously at the same time. Great combo for this story so far.

4477748 It's up now. The site probably lagged or something.

4477881 Yeah. I've always wanted to do the scene with Sunset Shimmer. I just felt like she is reformed now and just wants reacceptance, and this story helps me do it.

4478565 I see, maybe you can get something like that next chapter. Also I like that it gets longer every chapter.

I own nothing.

Don't you say Sherlock

Fucking Hilarious men :rainbowlaugh:


4478565 [Sorry for the three four comments in row]
Why is there a Octavia and Vinyl Scratch tag?

4481495 All I'm gonna say is that they appear later on in the story.

And what about the [Shakes hands like a boss dancing jazz] BIG BANG THEORY episode?

4481566 Indeed, I look forward to more everyday.

4481945 I believe he wants a Big Bang Theory episode suggestion,maybe?

4484047 Like, a reference to the show?

Comment posted by Sneaky Breeze deleted Jun 2nd, 2014

Oh my god one of the chapter is named after my favorite song! :pinkiehappy:

*dances all Around The World with joy* :pinkiecrazy:

4485907 I'm glad you noticed that. :twilightsmile:

4485927 Yup. I will definetly give this story a read. :yay:

Prance. France is called "Prance" in the MLP universe.

4486190 Wow. A little too late there pal, but thanks for telling me! :twilightsmile:

after Equestra Girls and before (shudder) Rainbow Rocks

Wow. You're shuddering over a movie that hasn't even been released yet, has a ton of awesome promotional material on Hasbro's Youtube channel, and looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

What is your malfunction?

4486446 It's an uneccessary sequel. I loathe uneccessary sequels.

4486497 I'm going to have to agree, we don't know how the movie going to turn out yet. For all we know this could be a better sequel than the original movie deserves.

4486497 And yet you're writing an unnecessary sequel. Huh. :rainbowhuh:

4486529 I doubt it. But okay. We'll just have to wait and see.

4486589 It's not a sequel. It's an in-between-prequel-fan fic story.

Lol. Check yourself before you shrek yourself m8.

4486647 Technically it's a sequel though. Just throwing it out there. Sort of like how Alien is the sequel to Prometheus.

4486655 Okay.

Btw, haven't watched that movie yet. Is it any good?

4486683 No it sucks, you only see the aliens like 3 times.


This little link over here is the song Big Bang Theory By Daft Punk & Deadr4t Deadmau5

4487273 Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.

I can only think of one word to describe this story. SWAG!!!!!!

No more of that.
I have to deal with that every day...
So just no.

You are the only first comment that deserves to be here, for this story. Because of your name.

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