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I'm just a writer whose mind is still switching gears and keeps coming up with random ideas that it is hard to stay focused on them for about more than one month unless I get really determined.


We may have made a mistake by purchasing the Lockseeds, Sengoku Drivers, and Genesis Drivers from the Merchant.

We may have been sealed away for 1500 years in stone.

But that didn't stop us from doing something right with them, nor did it sprout a grudge against the Royal Sisters.

We will not the same mistake twice like our predecessors done! For this is our stage and our lives!

Now armed with the powers and skills of the Armored Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim, we now must protect Equestria!

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Oh boy... Two different Gaim in the same Multiverse... :twilightoops:

How much trouble do you think we should cause together my fellow Kamen Rider fan. :trollestia:

Please sir, may we have another chapter?


What do you mean by "Two different Gaim in the same Multiverse"? :rainbowhuh:


Your Regular Gaim in your world/story and my Bujin Gaim in my story/world. They are both Displaced meaning that 'in my mind cannon' they are part of the same multiverse.


So I made an indirect reference to your story? I must have read it one time and forgot about it. Am I copying your story by accident?

Hell No You're Not!!! :flutterrage:

I'm using BUJIN Gaim as my main Rider instead of the original Gaim who happens to be a girl in Displaced Rider in Equestria (Enter shameless plug here :raritywink:) and will be the only 'human' Rider in the bunch I'm planing on introducing. The rest will be ponies.

I'm just saying if you happen to want to do a crossover with my Bujin Gaim later... It may get a bit crazy.


If I do that, I might have to use Pinkie's "Random Censor Device" to prevent her from saying anything nasty! But to summon her, I need to have her summoning token first...


I wouldn't worry about about Bujin Gaim when it comes to that since she will normally curse in Japanese. Not sure about her allies though.

I'm more worried about how your Gaim and his allies will act when he sees a 'Dark Rider' coming out of a portal thinking he's summoning a fellow Gaim.


In other words, don't mess with the angry Bujin Gaim?


Just read my story. I should have another chapter out tomorrow at the latest. And another one a couple of weeks after taht depending on how writing it goes.

Ho~Ly :yay:!

Ryugen in a Ninja here... :pinkiegasp:


AWESOME!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

6396494 I'm agreeing with you there. In fact I'm thinking of letting the author use another ninja rider of mine as I designed the guy to actually be a ninja. Blackberry lockseed and ninja design for this one. Gianin is the name of this rider as there are clockwork gears acting as his helmet's crest. Yeah gear ninja is what his name basically is. Basically his suit prearms is black with silver trim. His sengoku driver pretty much says burst instead of soiya with his belt saying in Japanese striking shadow. His lockseeds tend to be ninja oriented like ichigo for kunai. If their was one for shuriken or other known ninja weapons he would use them. Basically he is the berry rider of the group. Considering malus and the other evil riders of the series you can understand why I think evening out the number of good riders would be a good idea. Sixteen would actually be good here.


Sorry, but you made it too easy.

Is the dark Rider your character's going to face...

The Kamen Rider who holds the power of 15, Fifteen?



6396899 possibly there is also kamen rider jam to consider. Kamen rider gianin is not a dark rider just someone trained to be a Shinobi for his whole life but got into Kamen rider one day when not training and may have picked up some fighting techniques from the series. And considering gaim resembles a feudal samurai lord which has been known to employ ninjas I thought it would tie well in this story considering equestria's usual society being much like medieval times with some modern thrown in. Much like gaim's theme of the past becoming modern. Ryugen may be a ninja in this but I actually intended gianin to be a ninja. Have you seen what a blackberry slice looks like? Combined with his suit he can blend in better then Ryugen can as a ninja. A black visor would help stealth a lot. Blackberry arms main weapon is a katana styled much like the didaimaru. Have you ever tried to combine the daidsimaru with the mouso saber and DJ juu? Looks interesting at least to me. Though that combination is only possible with kiwami arms thanks to that weapon summon ability.... shit I just realized sagara from gaim has the potential to be a displacer as the will of helheim and a tendency to equalize both sides of a conflict the role would fit him very well. I'm going to have to take it up with the lorset of the displaced group as quite a few rider stories got into the group.



:rainbowlaugh: THAT WAS BEYOND FUNNY!!!

I would say I felt sorry for Gaim and Baron... but those idiots deserved it. Never take something personal from a woman... Especially a Diary... and more so if the woman your stealing/borrowing from is a powerful as Celestia and Luna.

Have to ask though... are we ever going to see the Rider outside of the armor???


Yeah, about that... There's a reason why Gaim and the others can't take their armor off, but I can't tell you. It will be explained in the future.

Dang .... wait kurokage is a fisherman? But he is more or lest a infantry unit on design. Why do you think that the mass produced drivers are usually with the matsubokuri lockseed. There is a reason that army was kurokage troopers. Hase really did master that lockseed to its full potential so there is that. I just can't see him as a fisher but a soldier that much I can see him as. If twilight can figure out the duplication spell on knuckles driver and kurokage's lockseed then gaim would have his own guards at least... why do I get the feeling the megahex will make a appearence shortly after the whole team regroups. Well at least gianin will be interesting to see if that happens.


Hey, I want to find Kurokage a common job with his spear and he sometimes hunt for any dangerous fish that invade Ponyville's lakes!

Actually, that's Zangetsu's job since he's the groundskeeper and look-out.

Okay, I have to bring this up.

"Mr. Baron, how did you do that?" Sweetie Belle asked all of a sudden.

"Do what?" Baron inquired.

"That thing you did with the sugar cubes!"

"Oh, that! Well, you see-"

Any further conversation was immediately interrupted when they heard an explosion outside!


6409589 well that's one way to get someone's mind off things. Uh when will the group remove their armor because I doubt they can stay like that much longer I mean gianin actually has a time limit on how long he can stay in the armor. He can only stay in it for a half hour and must wait a day to return to it which might be a glitch with his sengoku driver. So yeah I think gianin is going to be wondering how they can stay in the armor that long.


Please tell me that is a funny comment... I was laughing when I saw the video! :rainbowlaugh:

6409772 It is, it's actually draws inspiration from a Internet Show called TokuTime.

I will imagine Tanken Shogun to look like Ha-Oh Shurikenjin lying down on all four treads.


Is that even possible? I got the mobile fortress idea from SD Gundam Force's Tenchijou.

6413282 I have no idea if it can really be done. It's more of a theoretical thing, since I don't actually have Shurikenjin, Bison King, or Lion Ha-Oh.


The story is kind of putting a strain on me, and I have personal reasons with the show yet I still liked it because of its samurai motif despite its references to other things.

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