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I'm just a writer whose mind is still switching gears and keeps coming up with random ideas that it is hard to stay focused on them for about more than one month unless I get really determined.


Two twin brothers named Hikaru and Kage made the biggest mistake of purchasing the Arcle and N-Daguva-Zeba's Gurongi Buckle. As a result, they were flung into the most chaotic times of Equestrian history. After helping the Sirens escape and as punishment, Starswirl the Bearded sealed them away in separate coffins into the dungeons of the Castle of the Royal Sisters in a state of suspension and hibernation.

A thousand years later, they awaken from Discord's release of chaos into the world (that and they were released by the Master of Chaos himself). Now, they must protect Equestria and hopefully lessen the damage that is happening to Equestria to make it as peaceful as possible.

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what about the mane six?

6441618 ok, so why do you only have sunset shimmer and the dazzling tags on there?

Oh, so a Kamen Rider crossover huh? Haven't seen too much of that show.watched like one episode of Dragon Kinght. If they can travel through Andy reflective surface, why not travel through eyes?

Wait a minute. Why wouldn't they be angry? Wouldn't it have been just a few seconds for them since their sealing and they're awakenjng? If I were them, I would be pretty P.O at them. But then again, idk. I'm going to give this a try later.


You mean Daguva and Kuuga? They allowed Star Swirl to seal them so the ponies of ancient Equestria would not think of him as a traitor.

You know, Daguva should find Diend, he should have a sea cucumber on him.

6461670 I'm actually thinking of doing diend for a displaced myself with his summoning of displaced being their tokens becoming kamen ride cards for him to use.

Well this was a crazy episode... And your bringing Ghost to the party...


6442281 Wrong series. Reflection world only exists in Ryuki/Dragon Knight.

You do know the tokens can be used as communication devices. Right.


Thank you for reminding me. I'll have Kuuga send a brief message to James like an e-mail.

Might as well get this out by now:

Well this should be interesting. Anyway you do know ghost is now active right. You can learn more about when surprise becomes kamen rider ghost. The series debut was on the fourth.

Is this really a Kamen Rider crossover?

Yes, It is a Kamen Rider Kuuga crossover, but I made it a bit comedic and light hearted because I mostly don't want to write violent stories.

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