• Published 4th Sep 2015
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Sengoku Harmony: Unity Is Magic! - ShogunWriter106

15 people with their leader being gentle and sensitive found themselves as the Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim. Now filled with many responsibilities, they must work hard to keep them in check by protecting Equestria.

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Explanations and a Mysterious Dragon!

Princess Luna yawned as she slowly trotted into the Royal Dining room with her ethereal mane somehow completely frazzled. She smacked her lips and sat down in her spot as a stallion unicorn servant with a green coat and purple mane pour her some coffee into a mug labeled "Best Sisters 4ever!".

"Thank you," Luna mumbled in sleepiness.

She took a sip from it and her mane became smooth as if it wasn't frazzled before!

"Ah! Thither is nothing greater than a cup of coffee in the morning!" She took another sip from her mug to relish in the bittersweet flavor of the warm liquid.


Suddenly the door slammed open by Princess Celestia, which made Luna did a spit-take on the unfortunate servant next to her.

"AAAAHHHH!!! IT BURNS!" The servant cried as he frantically rubbed his hooves on his face in an attempt to get the scalding coffee out.

"My apologies!" Princess Luna said as she used her magic to get the residue coffee off him.

"Luna! We must summon Twilight and her friends immediately!" Princess Celestia spoke as she quickly wrote on a scroll gingerly.

"Why should we do that sister? They just defeated Discord and they are probably exhausted from today!" Luna asked as she finally got the coffee off the servant who exited the room rather quickly.

"Gaim's and Baron's statues are shattered!" Celestia explained in a nutshell as she send the scroll to her student.

"Gaim and Baron? Two of the warriors of the 15? Weren't they sealed away after the 15 attempted to-" Luna asked in confusion and slight surprise, but she didn't get to finish her statement as Celestia's hoof covered her mouth quickly.

"Now is not the time!" Celestia chided in a quiet voice, "We must retreat to our throne room where we can discuss this more privately!"

"So Twilight, what do ya think Princess Celestia needs us for?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know," Twilight admitted nervously. "Celestia just said she needs us here immediately. Something must have happened when we were handling Discord."

The Mane Six trotted into the throne room as the doors were held open by a familiar coffee-scalded pony. He paid no mind to their stares, but he shared a nervous glance at Pinkie Pie who popped up right in front of him.

"Hi there! Name's Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" She asked cheerfully with a large smile.

"I... Uh... It's..." The pony shifted his head to the side until he returned his gaze towards Pinkie Pie, "It's Mystery Dragon!"

"Ooohhh! Nice name! It does fit your cutie mark!" Pinkie Pie awed as she winked at him before she trotted off after her friends.

"Cutie mark?!" He looked and confirmed his cutie mark is right on his hips.

'Mystery Dragon' gulped in fear as he watched the hyperactive pony entered through the closing doors until she disappeared from his sight as they closed completely, "Maybe I should come back later! I gotta' tell Gaim about Pinkie Pie! She is a risk to my mission as long as she's here!"

In a flash of light, the pony was replaced with a bipedal Chinese orientated warrior wearing purple armor modeled after a grape over green bodysuit. This warrior is also known as Ryugen! Although his helmet is somehow still looks red from the coffee earlier...

"First the coffee and now her! Today has been a really bad day for me!"

After he said that, Ryugen pulled out a smoke bomb and vanished from the hallway in a puff of smoke!

"So... the 15 Warriors are being released from their prison?" Twilight spoke in fear as she and her friends gazed at magical hologram of the orange samurai warrior, Gaim!

As soon as the Mane Six entered the throne room, Celestia told them of Gaim's return and how he recruited his second in command, Baron. She then spoke to them of the unknown secret, they were working on 1500 years ago.

"What secret was it? A surprise party? A surprise birthday party? An anniversary party?" Pinkie counted the suggestions until Rarity tied her mouth shut with a ribbon she had on with her.

"So what if these guys are just as old as Discord! I say we strike them right where they are and give it to them straight!" Rainbow Dash emphasized this by doing a "one-two" with her hooves.

"No Rainbow Dash, that is not the right answer to everything," Celestia said as she turned her head towards the hologram with a face full of regret, "We didn't even know what they were doing until we found their notes in our rooms after the 15 were sealed and the fortress disappeared."

She took out a very old pack of papers from behind herself, "They were trying to figure out Discord's magic and its weakness, but Gaim's fortress temporary took a mind of its own from its influence and started rampaging in the Everfree Forest: the trees were being torn down, animals were forced to evacuate from their homes, and the lakes were almost evaporated!"

"Princess Celestia, is Gaim going to hurt Equestria?" Fluttershy meekly asked.

"I don't know Fluttershy," Celestia admitted, "Gaim is known to have temper issues when something or somepony irritates him so much, he couldn't hold it in anymore."

"Then what can we do?" Rainbow Dash asked in annoyance as she landed on the floor with a huff.

"You can apologize for one thing," A new voice spoke up behind her.

Shocked, everyone in the room turned their heads to the direction where the voice came from, and they saw the orange samurai standing there with his sashimono in hand and Baron and Ryugen standing by his side. Though the latter looks rather exasperated as he have placed his hand on his helmet and shaking it.

"Gaim! But I thought..." Luna started.

"That I was long gone from here?" I amusingly asked, handing over my sashimono to Baron who accepted with no arguments, "Yeah, funny story, we did leave the castle but then we saw Ryugen sneaking in here. So we had no choice but to take a U-turn to get our friend back. That and I forgot to get my notes back, but when I heard you realizing your mistakes I decided to show myself."

The smiles on the Royal Princesses' faces beamed with joy as tears welled up in their eyes.

"Does that mean thou..." Luna started, but she couldn't finish as her lips are starting to quiver. Princess Celestia's reaction was more controlled, but I could see the happiness within her eyes.

"Come here..." I encouraged gently as I held my arms open, which they gladly accepted as I gave them a hug full of forgiveness.

The Mane Six and Ryugen's reactions vary from this heart-warming scene.

Twilight Sparkle wiped her eyes gently at seeing her teacher.

Rarity looks like she is going to have reapply her mascara as it is currently running down her face.

Applejack just smiled warmly as she placed her hoof over her stetson.

Pinkie Pie, from what I could guess, is basically crying a waterfall of tears as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy tries to gently calm her down while shedding a few tears as well.

Ryugen shifted his head a little as he futilely tried to hide the tears forming on his lenses.

I chuckled a bit as I watched their reactions and continued to hug the sisters. I know I'll have to let go of them soon so I have to enjoy this while I can because I have find my other 12 comrades before I can return to the fortress.