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Kamen Rider ZER0

Greetings Brony community my name is Kamen Rider ZER0, but my best friends call me simply Z0. I am a huge fan of Toku and am a Brony, but back on track I will be sure to entertain you with my works.


First Blog · 7:54am Oct 16th, 2016

Huh...you know I figured I'd have done one of these a long time ago by now. I've just been so distracted working with other friends on things. That's about it really. I just wanted to take advantage of this feature for the first time. I've been abusing the same thing on Deviant art to post spoilers for the newest Kamen Rider, Ex-Aid. Speaking of him...I'll keep it short, you all can see my Avatar image, my opinion, stand point and even biased should be so clear it is insane.

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