• Published 4th Sep 2015
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Sengoku Harmony: Unity Is Magic! - ShogunWriter106

15 people with their leader being gentle and sensitive found themselves as the Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim. Now filled with many responsibilities, they must work hard to keep them in check by protecting Equestria.

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Baron: Find the Golden and Silver Apples!

"Wow, Kurokage Shin is really letting Gaim have it," Baron commented as he walked towards the Everfree Forest while he carried a piece of paper in his hands.


Since I am currently busy with my appointment with Kurokage Shin, I want you to look for the last two members of our army. There have been reports of strange events occurring in the Everfree Forest, so I suggest you should start there.



P.S. Look out for the Cutie Mark Crusaders if you meet and/or see them! I have a feeling they could attract trouble like bees to honey.

"Well, I don't blame him. He kind of deserves it since he lost his temper multiple times," Baron muttered as he folded the letter and placed it in his pocket space, "But finding those two, I think it might be easier for me to find them when there's no trouble at all. I mean, what's going to happen? The CMC's red wagon being propelled by fireworks plowing over me?"

Right after he said that, he was immediately ran over by said wagon as three screaming voices were heard. As the wagon rolled into the Everfree Forest, Baron was seen on the ground twitching in pain as he pushed himself up.

"Okay, I have walked right into that one...Urgh!" Baron groaned as he got up and watched as the wagon blasted towards the forest, "I really got to stop saying things like that!"

Taking out a rose-themed Lockseed with the code LV-02 on it as he pressed the release button, the Lockseed flew out of his hand and immediately transformed into the Rose Attacker.

"Lets hope this thing doesn't activate its 'Crack Opening Function' before I could reach those kids!" Baron hoped as he revved up his bike and proceeded to race after them.

"Come on, Kurokage Shin! Are we done yet?!" I moaned. It has been an hour since we started and I am already starting to lose my patience!

"No, you still have to yet to pass the 'Anger Test'" Kurokage Shin stated as he took out a stopwatch and gestured with his hand and out the door comes... Pinkie Pie!?!

"Oh no..." I whined, knowing it is going to be a loooonnngg session.

"Almost... there!! Just... a little... further...!" Baron strained as he got close to the runaway wagon. When he got close enough, he took out his Banaspear and snipped the duct taped fireworks off the wagon as they flew off and explode harmlessly into the air.

The three fillies gazed at the spectacle as the wagon slowly slid to a stop with Baron stopping next to them.

"Alright kids, what's going on with the wagon and the fireworks?" Baron asked in a scolding tone as he deactivated his Lockvehicle as it folded back into its Lock form.

"We were trying to get our cutie marks at rocket propulsion vehicles," Apple Bloom explained.

"And look where that got us!" Scootaloo exclaimed as she shook her hooves at the almost destroyed wagon.

"How are we going to get out of here now?" Sweetie moaned as she covered her head with her hooves.

"Hmm..." Baron hummed as he examined the vehicle, "It doesn't seem to be too damaged. It just needs a new coat of paint and the wheels just need to be tightened."

His examination was cut short when he sensed something in the bushes.

"But first we have to find a place to stay until it is safe to try to leave the woods!" Baron stated as he hefted up the wagon with the fillies still in it with a surprising amount of strength and ran off in a random direction as glowing green eyes glared hungrily at them in the shadows.

After running for a while, Baron found himself in front of a hut with potions hanging from its branches. He placed the wagon down much to the fillies' relief as they rushed to his side.

"Maybe whoever lives here wouldn't mind us staying for a while." Baron said as he knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal a female zebra wearing golden rings on her neck and left front leg. Her eyes widen in surprise at the guest in front of her.

"Hello ma'am, I am sorry to bother you, but can we stay in your hut for a moment until it is safe to leave the forest?" Baron asked politely.

Zecora stared at him for a moment before she smiled and answered in rhyme, "Stay in my home, you may. Come in, I have tea and biscuits on a tray."

Baron watched in confusion as he scratched his helmet from the strange way of speaking.

"She means 'Yes, you can come in.'," Applebloom explained.

"Oh right! Sorry!" Baron apologized as he and the Crusaders hurriedly walked inside the hut.

"Allow me to introduce, Zecora is my name. Now can I please ask you to do the same?" Zecora spoke as she handed Baron some tea while he sat on a wooden stool she provided him.

"Baron." He stated as he blew on the tea to cool it off.

"Baron, the banana knight? The one who gave the minotaurs a dreadful fright?" Zecora asked in confusion.

"The very same." He confirmed as he somehow took a sip from his cup despite his mouth being covered.

"You scared the minotaurs?" Scootaloo asked in shock as she spewed biscuit crumbs from her mouth, "But aren't they the toughest guyss in Equestria?"

"Well, they weren't so tough when they made the grand mistake of calling us 'rotten pieces of fruit!'" Baron chuckled as he took another sip, "Believe me, you should have seen the reactions on those guys! Mars and Kamuro really let them have it!"

"Who are Mars and Kamuro? You make them sound like they're a great duo?" Zecora asked as she took a sip from her tea.

"You were right on the money with the duo part. More accurately, they were called the 'Gold and Silver Apple Twins,'" Baron confirmed as he dug through his pocket dimension and pulled out two cubes of sugar and stirred them into his cup.

Apple Bloom's ears perked up when she heard that and whispered softly. "Gold and Silver Apple Twins?"

"Mr. Baron, how did you do that?" Sweetie Belle asked all of a sudden.

"Do what?" Baron inquired.

"That thing you did with the sugar cubes!"

"Oh, that! Well, you see-"

Any further conversation was immediately interrupted when they heard an explosion outside!

"What in the world was that?!" Baron exclaimed as he got up from the chair and immediately bounded out the door.

"-and I was really really really really really happy when I made that party! Hey, I know! How about I make super duper extra special 'Fruit Army Reunion Party!' It's going to be great! There's going to be parfaits, fruit pies, fruit-themed cakes, fruit-themed games-"

As Pinkie Pie continued to ramble, she didn't appear to notice the Gaim's hands started to twitch as his eye lenses cracked! Kurokage Shin, however, did and shook his head as he continued to time Gaim's patience with the stopwatch. So far it's been 30 minutes and he's already starting to crack! Literally!

"Cough! Cough! I told you not to activate the Sparking Finisher!" A figure in silver and blue armor complained to a silhouette in red and gold armor as he coughed from the smoke.

"..." The gold and red figure said nothing as he stood in front of the almost charred Timberwolf as it whimpered in fear, the ground beside it was torn from the energy slash. The figure pointed behind the creature with his sword and silently commanded the creature to go back to the woods.

The Timberwolf yelped as it fled with its tail between its legs not wanting to become firewood for the menacing warrior.

"You there! Hands where I can see them!" A voice shouted from behind as something sharp poked his backside knowing if the figure makes one move, it will be his last.

The gold and red figure silently turned his head to a familiar face he hasn't seen since 1500 years ago when he sealed in stone!

"Baron?" He whispered as he turned around to see the very surprised yellow knight.

"Whoa, this guy's Mars? He looks awesome!" Scootaloo screamed elatedly as she took in Mars' appearance while the golden apple knight said nothing as he calmly sipped his cup of tea while his Sword Bringer and Apple Reflecter rested on his back.

"So a Timberwolf was following us?" Baron asked Kamuro as the silver apple rider puts his Souginjou against the wall while Sweetie Belle was taking in his appearance as well.

"Yep," Kamuro confirmed as he drank his cup of tea as well, "It turns out some timberwolves in this forest happen to like fruits a lot. Something must have happened when we were sealed away."

"You think it's..." Baron whispered ominously so the Cutie Mark Crusaders wouldn't overhear as they are busy watching Mars do some poses like a certain green garbed knight.

"It's too soon to jump into conclusions! Right now, let's just focus on getting the team back together," Kamuro smiled as he patted Baron's shoulder.

"Actually, you're the last two members to find," Baron corrected sheepishly.

Somehow, in some inexplicable way, Kamuro turned completely white in shock as he went into depression at the corner of Zecora's room.

The Zebra in question gazed at the sight in confusion, "He turned white as a bed sheet, how in Equestria did he do such a feat?!"

"Honestly, nothing makes sense around him!" Baron sighed as he facepalmed.

"Please, Kurokage Shin! For the love of mercy! Please make her stop!" I begged as I twitched on the floor, having lost feeling in my legs and arms from trying to keep them from doing anything harmful to Pinkie as she babbled about putting real fruit in pinatas. The black rider said nothing as he pressed the stopwatch while he placed a hand over Pinkie's mouth muffling her words much to my relief.

"45 minutes and 14 seconds," Kurokage Shin stated as he wrote the time down on his clipboard, "Not a bad time, now let's do it again. This time with a book of kumquats!" He took out said book and handed it over to Pinkie.

When I saw that book in the hands of the party pony, I fainted to the floor as bubbles proceeded to foam on my mouthguard.

Author's Note:

Well, that's that! The riders are finally reunited! Next chapter, a certain object will fall through the dimensional walls as the riders will bring out their fortress from dormancy! Bringing a connection along with it!