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As fate would have it, Twilight had to hatch a much bigger egg this time.

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Easily the best story on FiMFiction. Stars aren't even an adequate way to measure this awesomeness. This story get 6/5 Wrex's

I... uh... There are no amount of words to express how much yes this story is shaping up to be.

For some reason fimfic isn't letting me upvote it :-\

“Either you tell me when Sun-Butt is right now,

Are you trying to make this a new series where Twilight and Wrex travel through time to find Celestia?


Oh holy shit my sides can't even. That's just too perfect. I can just imagine them standing there, hours on end, saying those two lines.

I don't know why Rarity and Rainbow are there but Pinkie, AJ and Fluttershy have been replaced, but I don't care and this is awesome. Please continue. I need more Wrex in my life.

The element of badass cometh!:rainbowlaugh:

This can only end in tears. And headbuts. Possibly shotguns too.


please continue this. this need to be expanded upon

Why D, I do believe you have outdone yourself yet again.
Now take another shot and write another chapter!

I cant stop laughing!!!!!

In a hole, D. Go die in a hole.

Did Twilight get rid off Spike for a Krogan? :trollestia:

She never met Spike. They gave her a stasis pod containing Wrex instead of Spike's egg for her test.

all my yes!
(grall spike thrower is best shotgun)

I've never even played any of the Mass Effects and I still think this is hilarious

I mean, bugger me side ways with a solar flare and call me Susan!
How do you- I, ah.. DA FUQ!? How is this so damned amazing?

I will give you many organs harvested from the other posters to continue this.

I especially look forward to seeing Wrex greet Shining with the traditional Krogan headbutt. And.. did you imply that Wrex plowed Celestia's plot? :rainbowderp:

I've never actually played Mass Effect...

4267203 SPONGEBOB GTFO! THIS IS BETWEEN THE ADULTS! (Also I would like two Krabby Patties please).

We'll bang, okay?

This is a most excellent story, I look forward to seeing more, if there is more?
if not, it's still an awesome read.

This is moderately amusing.

This is the new FOE, Deleteh. Why? Because it actually makes me want to buy ME and find out who the Annihil these peeps is.

Well, this is entertaining. I look forward to seeing the butterfly effect in action. Especially since best pony is involved. :derpytongue2:

You make that sound like a bad thing.

The ultimate piece of fiction has been written. All other stories will be downhill from here. Fic is over, goodnight everyone.

this is magnificent in every way and i hope you never stop you glorious bastard.

Did someone call for me?

I'm a goofy goober, yeah!

4267447 You're a Goofy Gobber, yeah!

We're all Goofy Goobers, yeah! GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY YEAH!

Celestia watched the group walk out of the ruins, the feeling of Wrex’s claw on her flank still there.

“What have I unleashed upon Equestria?”

Do you REALLY need to ask celestia?

This is actually quite funny.

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle.
Wrex? Wrex?
I swear, that dlc will never get old :trollestia:

Don't forget that Wrex is also a biotic!

Why were Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy replaced by Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy?

Oh yes, this. Your story is off to an amazing start Wanderer, but it just wouldn't be authentic if Wrex didn't destabilize a few errant changelings with Warps.

I...have no words.

Sunny-spanky-butt. Wrex, no. Wrex, bad. Wrex, staph.

I keep hitting the thumbs-up button, but it only lets me do it once!

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