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Chapter update · 6:20pm May 23rd, 2017

I have finished editing ME:C's latest chapter. A second read may be necessary as it is over 1K words longer and some details have changed. Such as the end of the chapter. You don't have to, but I thought I should mention it. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/24174/10/mass-effect-continuum/back-and-forth-updated-5-23-17

Anyway, onto the next chapter.

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Thanks for the favorite on Into the Black and for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Hello there and thank you so very, very much for faving my story "The Human And The Well"! I am glad you enjoyed reading it!

How's the Mass Effect updating coming along?

:pinkiegasp: - Holy cats, Twilight! Someone favourited Awards of the heart!

:twilightsmile: - Hello, Oceansama! Thank you for looking into my story, I really do appreciate it!

:pinkiesmile: - ... because the rest of her stories are crap.

:twilightblush: - Ahem, Pinkie. Not to brag, but Misinterpreted got accolades from the famed Seattle's Angels.

:pinkiehappy: - Which PresentPerfect went on record as saying he personally revoked after rereading, writing a scathing notice in the story blog.

:facehoof: - ... I still cry about that.

:pinkiesmile: - Thanks so much, Oceansama! You're awesome! WOO!

  • Viewing 72 - 76 of 76
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