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Can you feel it? · 3:10am Oct 28th, 2016

There's somethin' commin...

Somethin' on the wind. ..

It smells like...

9k update.

Brace for impact

Hey, Listen.

I figured a short bio would be great, but now I'm staring at it and I don't know what to put. So, yeah.

I'm an intermediate writer at best, and I keep no posting schedule at all. That's right! My posts will be at random, and often large and unedited! I enjoy writing, as it's one of the few things that I can legitimately do well. I also love it when people show their own enjoyment of my works. Nothing says good job like someone having a good time reading my work.

Unfortunately, I usually only join groups to shill my crap around like the whore I am. So if anyone got excited from me being in their group, don't be. I'ma piece of shit. :D

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Glad you liked it!

Amazing job with the Ballad, loved reading through the whole thing. I am looking forward to the next story and hope what I am thinking is true.

P.S. I am the commenter if you wonder'd

I've put together a small teaser for what I'm working on, I have just shy of 30k words written out as is.

I haven't found any platform to move to currently, as I've been busy writing a book.

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