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Captain Iron 'Riot' Venture; Soldier, Storm Trooper, Murderer, Father. After the bloody conclusion to the War for Hoofington, Riot finds himself discharged and hurled back to civilian life. Except, this time, he can't go back to the military. He can't bide his time until he's back in the field. He has to live, breath, and suffer like everypony else.

To top all that, Ponyville is about as far from war as one could get, to the point where the staples of war; things like firearms, artillery fire, brutal murder, and mass graves simply don't exist. Somepony from that world of constant fear of death and mortal anguish would be considered 'dangerous' to the general populace. Somepony could cause some serious damage if they were to snap. Somepony like Captain Iron 'Riot' Venture, Retired.

Props to Drunkenfist and Saivost Rast for their awesome work and support! Image deds go to http://gordonfreeguy.deviantart.com/
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Dew Cloud is a maintenance pegasus in the settlement of Thunderhead, The world has been dead for 200 years, the ministries, the princesses, all dead. Dews family is dead and gone,much like the world below Thunderhead, or so she was told. With the help of an old friend against the horrors of the wastes, Can Dew find what she's looking for? Or will her hopes be dashed among the concrete and broken rebar of Stalliongrad?

By the way, this is my first Fic, so any advice would be appreciated

Thanks to Khat and Somber for bringing me this glorious world in which my characters are apart of.

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