• Published 23rd Dec 2012
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Another Life - Ironwolves21

Years of killing; a hundred broken bodies, friend and foe, all leading to this point in time. The singular moment where every life Riot has ended comes back to haunt him. The moment when he stops being a soldier, and starts being a pony again.

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Chapter Fifteen / D

Marigold had just finished compiling everything into a well organized pile; ranging from her first run in with the mad stallion, to her newest information. She was just about to take a lunch break when the phone in her room rang. The mare stood up, and pranced into her room. She picked up the device and flopped onto the bed.

"Hello! Marigold here."

"Hey Mari. You uh... You sound happy." It was Melody, and from the tone of her voice, she had bad news.

Usineighn shrugged of the toning, assuming the other mare had never heard her this happy before. "Yep! I've got everything ready, I'll be calling a meeting with the tribunal today! I finally have that bastard Mel!" She clopped her hooves, the grin never leaving her face.

There was an uncomfortable pause from the other end. "Mari, I hope you're sitting down."

The mare sat up, her smile fading a bit. "Why?"

"They let your ghost out. They called self defence, and somepony posted his bail. I'm sorry."

Usineighn sat there in stunned silence; her lips moving to say something, but no words were formed. She wavered; her hooves shook as they cradled the device against her head. "W-what? How? H-he murdered them!"

She could hear Melody sigh on the other end. "It was a home invasion, and your ghost stopped them. Only one died."

Anger flared in Usineighn, and she smashed her lamp of the night stand with a hoof. "FUCK!" She screamed as another thing was flung away with her magic. She threw her spread and sheets from the bed, eventually resorting to overturning the whole set-up. She cursed Faust, Celestia, Luna, and every god-like entity in between for her foul luck.

As the minutes ticked by, and her unprofessional rage simmered down, she picked up the phone with a shaky hoof. "A-are you still there Melody?"

"Yeah... Yeah I'm here. And I've got a bit of news for you. He's not in the clear yet."

taking several deep breaths, Usineighn nodded, grabbing a pen and some paper from her destroyed mess of a room. "Okay. Give it to me."

The mare on the other end could be heard shuffling papers. "Your ghost was released on supposed strict conditions. I don't know the conditions, but what I do know, is that he's coming to Canterlot, and soon."

Her pen tapped wildly against the pad of paper as her mind raced to draw lines between the dots. "Where... Where would- I got it, he'll probably end up at that new veterans hospital! I'll pull some strings with the doctors there, I'll get the answers I need."

Melody's line grew static-y for a moment. "-Done all I can from my end. You owe me Mari."

Usineighn nodded, even though the other mare couldn't see her. "Like I said before, when I crack this case wide open, you'll reap the benefits with me. You made this possible Melo-"

"Marigold, I want bits. Now. This goose chase over this black-ops ghost has had me sweating from day one. I want compensation."

"W-what about justice? We're bringing in a dangerous criminal, you should be proud!" Usineighn shook her head, a deep, disbelieving frown spreading across her muzzle.

Melody sighed. "Mari, we've been friends for years, but you've almost driven me into the ground with this one. Either cough up the bits, or I report that you've got stolen government property."

Usineighns mouth opened and closed as she tried in vain to wrap her mind around what she was hearing. Blinking back tears, she held up the receiver again. "O-okay... Okay. I'll get you the bits as soon as I can, alright? Just... Please Mel, don't... Don't do this..."

"I have to. As much as I value our friendship, I need to eat. I'll be expecting the bits by the end of the week."

Dropping the phone down onto its cradle, Usineighn wiped her eyes with the back of a fore-leg. She punched the bottom of her overturned bed, before flopping down to the floor.

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