Another Life

by Ironwolves21

Chapter Fourteen / C

A day and a half later

Doctor Usineighn rolled her shoulders as she finished her run around the track; her body protesting lightly at the burn. She gave her head a shake, before grabbing her water bottle in her magic. She was about to start her second run when a blue hued earth pony galloped up.

"Doctor Usineighn?" He asked, digging through his satchel.

The mare paused, giving the stallion her full attention. "Yes officer. You have something for me?"

He nodded, pulling out a sealed folder. "Yes, sent from officer Melody Pierce. Your eyes only."

Taking the folder in her magic, Usineighn cracked the seal on it, and started skimming through the pictures. She recoiled in horror as the broken forms of three stallions became the focus in the picture. "Faust..." She cursed quietly as she flipped through them. When she reached the last picture; a mug shot of an unconscious Iron Venture, who looked like he'd been thrown through a trash compactor.

"I... T-thank you officer. Dismissed..." She rubbed her muzzle, staring at the picture.

She had him.

A small smile started to spread across her muzzle. It had taken her years. YEARS. He'd finally slipped up; fucked up so bad nopony could protect him. She could finally swoop down on him like the phoenix of justice she was! Marigold shivered, the thought of it making her grin ear to ear.

The mare practically pranced all the way back home.

Bursting through the door to her single bedroom apartment, she galloped to her living room/office. Her horn flared, and her entire collection of documents floated up, completely organized. She hummed a happy tune, slotting the pictures in where they belonged. As she went to put the folder down, she noticed several pieces of paper that hadn't been there before.

"What the..." She pulled the documents out, and her smile faded slightly.

It was a copy of Ventures profile, but... It had the stamp of the Lunar Guard, and there wasn't a single spot of black on it. It also seemed like there was notes on it, and they were clear enough that this document and it's supplements weren't meant for her eyes.

The mare smiled again, and started taking in as much of the information as she could, especially the parts she didn't recognize.

She paused; her name was mentioned several times within some of the supplements. Marigold sighed. It would all be over soon, and she could finally put this ridiculous case to rest.