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Captain Iron 'Riot' Venture; Soldier, Storm Trooper, Murderer, Father. After the bloody conclusion to the War for Hoofington, Riot finds himself discharged and hurled back to civilian life. Except, this time, he can't go back to the military. He can't bide his time until he's back in the field. He has to live, breath, and suffer like everypony else.

To top all that, Ponyville is about as far from war as one could get, to the point where the staples of war; things like firearms, artillery fire, brutal murder, and mass graves simply don't exist. Somepony from that world of constant fear of death and mortal anguish would be considered 'dangerous' to the general populace. Somepony could cause some serious damage if they were to snap. Somepony like Captain Iron 'Riot' Venture, Retired.

Props to Drunkenfist and Saivost Rast for their awesome work and support! Image deds go to http://gordonfreeguy.deviantart.com/
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wow this looks to be a pretty good story. if you ask me its a returning soldier's situation he never wants to be in; coming home from a war with symptoms of PTSD hoping to calm down and see your family but to find out your spouse is cheating on you. one thing im confused on, your story is tagged as complete, but you mentioned that you are adding on more. im confused, is it tagged complete because you have the story written down already but not typed? will there be more?


I've got the entire story up on google docs, but I'm editing the chapters before I upload here. I believe it's just about 75,000 words.

>>ok cool. awesome story man keep it up.:ajsmug:

I am glad to see you put this up here, probably my favorite out of all of your stories. I would love to see a series maybe? I dunno, either way I love it. Have a Derpy! :derpytongue2:

P.S. This is my (Saivost Rast's) Fimfiction account, one of these days I may even post a story!


Good to see you here Saivost!

Downloading into my Data repository, @ 80k, it will take me a few days to get through it.


Sweet! That's not all of it though, I'd say it clocks in around 100k or so, at thirteen chapters.:twilightblush:

dude, she actually went through with it...i thought Aura would have a change of heart. wow, that hurts.:fluttershysad:

oh, totally called it. :ajsmug:

oh i know all too well what hunter is about to experience. this is getting to be a good story. sad, but good. heres for a hopefully brighter outcome :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by Ironwolves21 deleted Jan 4th, 2013


Pretty close, I may have used that pic for reference while drawing her. files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/205068/modules/forum/attachments/Aurora+Borealis_1345357626.jpg That's Aurora,

th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/230/c/7/long_road_to_ruin_by_ironwolves21-d5bj4fx.jpg And that's Riot, Sans a few of the scars and the missing eye.

Oh things are getting amped up:rainbowwild:. Aurora is really getting ballsy and irrational lately for some reason (perhaps it will bite her in the ass later). I noticed part of the chapter is italicized. Not sure if that is significant or not. Is Ashfall another nickname for Iron Venture? It is only spoken by Aurora though. I've also noticed when I read the parts where Riot is mentally hurting because of Aurora I can't help but think of the song Roadside by Rise Against. It could be a good theme song for some parts of the story.


Ashfall was his Birth name, he explains it in the earlier chapters.

I actually like where this is going. Redheart seems like a great mare for Riot. :raritywink:

Cripes, that took forever to do. :twilightoops:

Anyways, here's a small chapter to keep you guys sedated, at least until I get my ass in gear. Special thanks to Saivost for proofreading.

Is there a possiblity of the reader choosing who Riot ends up with? It seems like that's what you're building up part of the story to do toward the end. I think that would be pretty cool if that is what you are planning.:pinkiesmile:


I was thinking about that, but I'm not sure how it would work with the ending I've got planned. Will keep everyone posted. Muhahaha :trollestia:

Looks like things are finally calming down for Riot. I take it from your Author's note this was the second to the last chapter?


Yes it is, but trust me, the last chapter will be a doozy.

oooooooh, This Gunna b Goooooooood

Reinstating a combat veteran with PTSD...sounds legit. But if it is for his knowledge in combat for a possible upcoming conflict between Equestria and another country, he would be a very valuble asset. I take it Luna was reviewing his personal file with a war records manager and is considering reinstating him for that reason. Also, buildup for last chapter it seems.:pinkiehappy:

wickedly awesome chapter with one heck of a cliffhanger. Keep them coming

I apologise for how long it took to get this chapter out, but as you can see, its a monster. Despite that, it was actually pretty fun to write! Although, I do feel slightly saddened by the fact the stories over. :ajsleepy:

(Edit) Don't have much else on the go, maybe if you guys really want it, I could write up an epilogue or some shit. :rainbowwild:

Awesome story dude. A very good read. However, I feel obliged to say, " rest in peace Riot." :fluttercry: *Taps*


It was quite the adventure to write, and I'm glad that I was able to share it with you and the others. But, as a side note, don't count Riot out just yet.


I'm working on it, and possibly a Prequel. I held a vote with my clan mates, and sequel was the one they wanted the most.

really.... just .... really

You weren't expecting that, now were you?:trollestia:

wow this was sortof kindof expected. i think.

i found the biggie smalls quote

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

here is the youtube video for the song


2633366 no i was not but this story and the music that you chose to use in the last chapter set the mood just right. i give you props & a moustache:moustache:.


I'm glad you liked it man! Moustache for you :moustache:

Fluttershy leading a mob? Who would've guessed?

I guess Doctadoone said it best. I just read over your redone version and I was not dissapointed. Can't wait for your sequel. :pinkiehappy:

I served in the army and if this shit ever happened to me or one of my buddys no court would convict me of the hell i would raindown on some one for spreading rumers about ptsd

Kinda depends on what kind of fruit your labour is. I don't like pomegranate.

Well thats a interesting start

i assume A-rats are like the C-rats my granpa complained about?

wow you never see stories like this anywhere, which is kind of weird considering how many war related things are out there and the fact that it's an MLP story just makes it stranger. I love have a fave and a like

well she sounds a bit .......obsessive

....... now i remember catching hints of him being referred to as a god but damn it all i STILL did not see that coming

5830116 I'm very happy that you enjoyed the story, it was quite the journey to write.

Beautifully written Loved this story cant wait for the sequel

After reading your other story about Jack, I started reading this one, needless to say I didn't stop until this point, I'm going to take a break, you're very talented with the Dark and Tragic tags.

6300802 It is a talent, but not one that's super popular around here.

Eagerly awaiting the sequel, if you ever get around to it, thanks for the read, definitely a favorite.

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