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iyrfgkylhpun · 3:53am Feb 7th, 2021

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Came back years later out of nostalgia to make an account and read my favorite fic, but he's dead Jim. I was thinking of doing a David Blaine crossover, but I am not sure if people even care anymore. Like roaming the ruins of a long gone city. Community got me through some hard times years ago, and I would like to give back but it might be too late.


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Just checking in with some of my fav authors, given how crazy the last 2 years have been. How you doin man?

Comment posted by Doggi deleted Apr 3rd, 2020

Hey man, you're still planning on finishing Article 2 even after MLP reaches it's end?

damn booto. 14er here. Now kicking it with the dirty Army bois. Good to hear tho.

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