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Grab your torches and pitchforks · 12:23am May 26th, 2016

Alright guys I got some sad news
I tried to upload the latest chapter of A2 last night.
And all the sudden my computer took a massive apocalyptic shit on me and crashed and burned.
So as of right now that's all of chapter 17 and some of 18, some 20,000+ words all down the pipes.
As in, gone.
Luckily I sent off a very early copy to a friend and he managed to find it and save a few thousand words.

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Hey man, you're still planning on finishing Article 2 even after MLP reaches it's end?

damn booto. 14er here. Now kicking it with the dirty Army bois. Good to hear tho.

Shit bruh I left 29 like 2 years ago.
I EAS'd back in May.
I'm back home growing my beard and telling the current generation of Marines that they don't know what it was like back in the old Corps.

Thanks so much for the watch! :D

  • Viewing 129 - 133 of 133
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