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One thing you learn about Equestria after the initial shock wears off is that for the most part. These magical little equines tend to have some pretty human problems themselves.
Sometimes a long car ride and a comforting word is all someone needs.

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Awesome story. John reminds me of my friend, coincidentally also named John, who's got a bigass 2003 GMC Yukon and he can drift the thing around a parking lot. Feels like the whole thing is about to roll.

Your dialog always flows so naturally, am jealous.

You do quality over quantity. It seems no matter what you write, I'm interested. Liked and followed. Another chapter like this I'll favorite it. (This is in no way to be interpreted as a bribe, understand, or license to slack off on your other story.:pinkiehappy: )

hehe, pony ISIS and pony RPG's, theres an image for ya.

Great start, let's see where this bump road takes us!

Its awesome. I had a 2001 Yukon myself. My little cousin made the mistake of bringing some friends along when me and him went out cruising. So of course i had to show off my truck.

Wait, so this story takes place in the same universe as Article 2 but in the future? Or is it a separate universe? :rainbowhuh:

Ah, I see the god of HiE has graced us with another story. I look forward to seeing where this one goes.

You knocked this one out of the park. As much as I'm looking forward to the next installment of Article 2, I'd wouldn't be upset if this got more updates.

Muppetz, God its great to hear about you. I lost 3 peps to covid here and feared you might have gotten ill. Awesome to hear you are up n about.
Sending my best regards to u ;3

Good to see you're still writing. I still wait in hope for more Article2 one day. :raritywink:

Considering what we're getting, I'd say it was worth the wait. Good to know you're still with us and still able to write, and I look forward to what you'll be doing next!

DT isn’t going to take this well, I think.

It back!
And it good!

you updated that!

This was a GREAT surprise to see update! Holy heck, this was amazing and sad and wonderful all at the same time~ I love this little mini-universe so much.

Good to see something new from you bro, I love this little AU slice of life stuff.

Can't wait for DT's reaction.

Great. Now you have THREE stories that I'm waiting on updates for!

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