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This story is a sequel to A Confederacy Of Dunce Caps

He's her daddy. Hers alone, and... they've been alone for a long time. Father and daughter, with each as the only pony whom the other has in the world. As far as Diamond's concerned, that's natural. It's the way things have just about always been. (She was too young to remember anything else.) And therefore, that's how their lives should always be.

Except that now her father is talking about dating. He has his eyes on a mare, and that pegasus can barely keep one eye on anything. Diamond's had all of her father's love for just about the whole of her life, and if somepony else comes in, then... there's going to be less for her. That's just basic business sense. Limited supply, increased demand.

Her father wants to be with somepony again.

There has to be a way for Diamond to save him. Before it all goes wrong.

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This story takes place after the events of Anchor Foal and DELWMG, but no knowledge of either story is required.

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This was a funny one! Resting Superiority Face was great. I *wish* I had the kind of confidence Diamond has. Excited to see the continuation of the Triptych Alternate Continuum, I mean the DELWMG/AF extended literature universe. That's hype.

Thank you for the new story! Good luck with your trip!

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And now to not forget to put this on tracking. XD

Ah, I'd been wondering when we were going to get to this particular story. The four concerned here are some of my favorite characters in the Continuum, and I am excited to see Dulci and Mr. Rich find new love to heal the old wounds. Though I do hope this is going to happen in both legs of the Trousers of Time, it seems a shame for the Triptych iterations of Dulci, Diamond, Fil, and Dinky to miss out on the happiness that their Anchor Foal iterations are finding.

And Diamond, I think you're miscalculating the economics here. Yes, you will lose some of your father's time and attention, but 1) probably not as much as you think, and 2) you'll be getting in return a mother and a sister who will love you in new ways. I think you'll find that you're gaining more than you lose in this exchange.

Also, I wonder if this is going to be the story where that storm Dulci has been brewing for herself with the idiot act finally gets set off? It's an obvious path for Diamond to use to blacken her rival's name, and Mr. Rich's money and reputation would offer a shield against Foal Protective Services once the two are solidly together (nobody seems to have any doubts about Mr. Rich's ability to provide competent basic care for a child, and if nothing else he can hire a nanny if he absolutely has to).

Oh, I have been waiting for this one.

I get some Calvin vibes from Diamond here, which is actually quite fun


I think that Diamond would say that her father’s love is not fungible: you can’t subtract one unit of his love in exchange for two units of Derpy Love and say that she’s come out ahead, in her opinion.

I’m so excited to finally be getting this story! And unfortunately, disaster may be waiting thanks to a filly who has always been a little too sure of her status as the only one smart enough to see the angles. But I’m holding out hope for a happy ending and a bigger family for all involved!

I am a bit surprised at her plans for one of the two boys, eventually. I hadn’t realized that she had set her sights quite so thoroughly…

I do hope we get some Sweetie Belle in this story…. I’ve missed her since she’s not been around Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

And here we are with the great big problem: she doesn't actually know how the world works any more than the idiots stuck in tree sap do but thinks she does.....just like the shouting moron who cannot fly. If she would talk TO the ponies she is angry with, she would be able to avoid the bruising humiliation heading her way.

Well, I can see where Diamond is coming from (both due to her age and her ... well ... Diamond may not be a narcissistic sociopath with a sense of responsibility in the Continuum, but she sure ticks a lot of the boxes ....), but this could get ugly.

Still, hoping this ends well for Filthy, Dulcinea, Dinky and (yes, even) Diamond. 🤞

I have always been interested in the Continuum version of Dulci, glad to see we're finally be getting some details about her

Excited to see this story unfold!

I love the takes on Diamond and Mr. Rich in the FleurVerse. I’m excited for the story to unfold around best stripe-maned filly.

Was that DiamondSnails shipping I saw? Snips and Snails are much more fleshed out in your stories, so it’s not that bad. 😜 It makes sense after Confederacy.

The hardest thing in projecting ahead on Dulci/Rich is parsing out what really is the basis of the attraction. Mr. Rich has a physical attraction to her, but Dulci’s whole personality is a fiction to have no expectations placed on her. We know she’s smarter and more caring and stronger than she appears, but how much of that can he see? Lots of relationships start with simple physical attraction, it’s hard for them not to start that way, but I’m curious to see how they will mesh when they are both being themselves and not their public personals.

Diamond needs to have a chat with Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. That is NOT how love works, in ANY world.

Starting over after so long, after that perfect lass. That's hard. So very hard. I can understand what Filthy Rich has gone through. It's harder than pushing a Boulder uphill.

Some resources aren't conserved. Hopefully Diamond will learn that sooner rather than later. I imagine one key part of the revelation will be that colt she's trying to train up for a promotion. Another will be realizing that there's another filly involved for whom it's always been two.

Diamond's going to have a stepsister soon. I'm not sure how she or Dinky will react to the new resource. Whatever happens, looking forward to more.

Seeing a new diamond story has me so excited. A Confederacy of Dunce Caps and Unnoticed were some of my favorite stories.

I hope Dulci is able to break that tragic cycle she's in.

"And," her daddy wearily added, "I've... been lonely for a long time --"

"I'm here!" Diamond desperately pushed into the world. "I'll always --"

<checks rating>

Thank Christ, you spoked me there Estee mate:ajsleepy:

Anchor Foal Gaiden: Shadows of Diamond Tiara

I can't wait to see the misadventures and romantic comedy hijinks and/or lowjinks that are going to result from this unlikely coupling. Diamond might not have Discord's power, but I have no doubt that she has the cunning to more than make up for that.

I suppose being not only a lone child, but also only having a single parent, will lead to a skewered understanding of parental love and how it can be divided.
Being Diamond does not help either.

Heck, in Equestria love doesn't even give a crap about the conservation of energy (see, Changeling reform).

You know, it would be really funny if it ends up being the fallout of Diamond's interference that drives Mr. Rich and Dulci together. Rich and Dulci are going out on their first date, it's really awkward and not going well, and then whatever scheme Diamond comes up with goes off and the fallout ends up breaking the ice between them.

There is a high chance Snails is purposefully not looking because he doesn't want to make Diamon Tiara uncomfortable. He doesn't know Diamond is trying to attract him but he's getting attracted and trying not to look so to not make Diamond feel creeped on.

I think Diamond needs to look beyond her current circle for advice on both her problems. Plus at some point I would kill to find out what happened when Tirek was in Ponyville. We get hints but never the full story.

I'm dressed!

Perhaps she needs to set the phasers to Lewd:

But for now, Diamond was back in her bedroom. She'd somehow managed to get through dinner following her father's announcement and judging by the feelings coming from her stomach, some portion of the meal was making a game attempt to get through her. In the proper direction, as opposed to what typically happened when she was especially upset. It was why she'd basically bolted the meal before nearly dashing from the table: because she was fully aware that her small intestine was going to need a head start.

This is one of the main differences between MLP & real life. IRL horses have a one way digestive track. They CAN'T even burp let alone vomit. This can kill them if they swallow something they shouldn't.

MLP doesn't explicitly show it, but it is strongly implied that they do vomit on occasion.


Got to admire Diamond's straightforward approach to the matter of finding herself liking boys.

Entertainingly wholesome story, with a lot more heart to it than you'd think at the first glance!

"Something about how she just doesn't know what .....WENT ...... wrong."


Honestly, I think it would do wonders for Diamond Tiara's public perception if she started going out with Snails. Sure, ponies have seen her being friends with the duo, but their public perception is probably also going to tainted by "easily manipulable" for a while thanks to Trixie. Dating... that's a whole other story. There'll probably be a lot of attempted puzzling out from ponies not in the know...
In a way, it kind of mirrors Dulcinea and Filthy.
And I'm sort of fearfully waiting for the chapter when Dulcinea realizes that cultivating an image of a stupid idiot might've worked against her in the long term...

>trying to attract boys
>"let's ask the lesbian!"
Sweetheart... that's not gonna work! :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting teen dynamics here. Be really funny if Snails turned out to be gay after all and it would just blow Diamond's mind.

Thanks for the chapter Estee!

I think the idea is 'I'm not good at knowing if a mare is pretty. I need an expert in that!"

Silver was obviously going to be the expert.

I think Silver may be in for a very awkward few days ....

See DELWMG for the full story of Tirek, his attack on Ponyville, and what happened to him after.

Diamond trying to woo Snails of all ponies, and at the same time belching at the idea of her dad going with Derpy? And not registering the irony in the slightest?

:rainbowlaugh: this is amazing, 10/10, keep the bangers coming

That was a good story so far goodluck with the rest of it.

I think I kind of don't like diamond very much..

That's fair. You don't have to like anyone. But it's okay to acknowledge that this is a Diamond that was a bully and a spoiled brat in the past and is actively trying to be a better person... but this is a change that has never happened in her life before and she's freaking the hell out, even if she doesn't admit it to herself.

Unfortunately, Diamond is having a very common reaction to a situation many have faced before.

The good thing is that Diamond is smart, and that she's trying (and goodness knows that actively trying to be good is difficult unless you're a fuggin' saint) as hard as she can to be good.

She'll learn. I believe in her.

I just hope that it won't take her father sacrificing his own happiness to appease her to make her realize that her father needs this.

Oh. Oh dear, I'd just assumed Diamond knew who Dinky was. This throws a curve on things.

I think I like the fact that Diamond and Sweetie have become friends. Last night I reread chapter 46 in another story to get a recap of Tireks end and it was good to get it again here. I can't wait for Diamond to learn Dulcinas name. A very musical name I think.

Bursts of power had erupted from his body, over and over. The largest had streaked over the eastern horizon, phasing into invisibility as it moved and -- that one had changed the world. It had just taken a few moons before anypony had learned about the how of it.

I don't know if that refers to Cerea being brought into Equestria or if it's a seed for another story because it sound like that shot went very far.

And now Diamond will get the problem of facing somepony who kept her card very close to her chest and has an entire settled zone fooled about her true character. That's going to be interesting.

She wasn't entirely sure whether the dead could experience pain in the shadowlands, and had no intentions of making a personal investigation any time soon.

Not everyone has a psychopomp for a sister, after all. (DELWMG spoiler)

Also, you did talk to your spouse about this before you came here, right? Because if you didn't, then Diamond and I are going to wait outside while you try to explain this. For maximum safety, we're going to be about three streets back -- no, I've seen your spouse argue in the store before this. Four streets. With the option to try for five.

Rarity comes by it honestly. From both sides, in different ways.

"Maybe you said something to her," Sweetie carefully proposed -- then hesitated again. "About her."

To say nothing of the physical...

I do love the parallels between Diamond and her father. Both going after those most would dismiss as imbeciles without considering their hidden depths, both preferring to do anything other than talk to their would-be significant others... and it's possible that both are terrified of rejection. Diamond may just be better at hiding behind her own ego.

Also, funny how she never considers how caring for (or at least wanting) Snails might lessen her love for her daddy. Recognizing that may be what she needs to get out of Mr. Rich's way... assuming she ever does.

Looking forward to more, especially seeing what you do with Dinky. If Diamond thought sharing a room with a friend was weird, wait until she has a little sister...

Luna must have been run ragged trying to take care of everypoines dreams after Triek

Everypony in the group becoming adolescents at the same time, with hardly anypony knowing what to do with it.

Like Pinkie Sense, how the Ponyville educational system (pre-School of Friendship) works is something best not examined too closely. :pinkiecrazy:

What she needs is Pony Hawkeye Pierce telling her not to screw up like he did. Also, getting Dulci in shtook with the G isn't going to bring her mother back........

In total fairness, Snails hasn't nearly gotten her set on fire yet.

Muffins? Sounds like there's quite a bit of history there and not the good kind.

Diamond's also going to have to apologize if she ever acknowledges she treated Muffins wrong, and it sounds like she was much more antagonistic towards her than any of the others. That's going to be extremely painful to have to swallow any resentment or guilt she might feel.

So, she's got reasonable and not so reasonable reasons for disliking Muffins.

Snails? Considerably less baggage on both sides.

Eh. Having read it, you aren't missing much.

It's pretty simple fare and they cover it in the next chapter.

Here's the chapter if you're interested, with a summary below. Business Year In Review

To put it in simple terms, Tirek was at best negligently homicidal, Diamond Tiara and Sweetie Belle were nearly killed trying to evacuate ponies, Diamond's tiara was used as a weapon against him and destroyed in the process, ultimately splitting his hoof.

Filthy Rich's mansion was destroyed in place of Twilight's tree house, Discord never allied with Tirek and took him down single hoofed, and Tirek is dead now (somehow).

I’ll bet that if the little unicorn is angry, whatever Diamond did to her is second on the list. If she knows about anything Diamond said to, or about, her mother, that’s going to be the burning coal.

The apology might get thrown back in Diamond’s face with, “Apologise to my mother first.”

I think it might be more of Mother telling daughter about an upcoming date and daughter not being happy because they don't think the Stallion is good enough for there mother.

Dinky and Diamond both are having the same issues with there parents dating essentially.

Fearsome Gerund

Okay, can anybody tell me what a Gerund is and why they are fearsome?

And it was also staying with somepony who, until recently, had seen her as The Enemy.


Holy horseapples, buffalo biscuits and every other euphemism! Diamond actually had an epiphany, and didn't just brush it off!

It felt like the sort of thing Diamond couldn't let herself get used to because eventually, it was all going to go away...

Ah, Diamond, if things go right between Filthy and Dulcinea, this could become a major part of your life.

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