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Filthy Rich has had his suspicions for some time about his wife acting secretive and strange. When he finds out that these worries are correct, him and his daughter are heart broken. Going through the divorce will be hard to manage, but he has another job to do at the moment. He's been called to Canterlot to assist with the next Gala. During their visit, Rich and Diamond find a silver lining they desperately needed.

Based on my own Next Gen verse

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Okay, I'm hooked.

You have intrigued me...
I haven't seen many Filthy Rich fics, and this one seems pretty good! :twilightsmile:
Pray, continue!

So Spoiled I wonder whonder how your like it when the courts turn against you and only give you the bare minimum to survive on?

Finishes reading.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry you baby. Don’t do it. Y-you can handle this. Your parents got divorced too. You didn’t cry then...

Starts crying.


The tears started to fill her eyes once more. “Did that mean she doesn't care about us anymore.”

Wait a minute. That needs a question mark!

Don’t thank me. Thank OCD!

Flies away.

This seems like a interesting story. I'll follow it.

One grammer oopsie I did notice though

She didn’t want to be found right now, especially from her mother.

It should be "She didn’t want to be found right now, especially by her mother.

It looks like things are going to be looking up for Diamond Tiara very soon.

“Well, what’s it say, sony? I ain’t got the eyes I used to.”

This should be 'sonny'. Otherwise, seeing an update from this is sweet!

You must be wondering why I have sent you this letter. Currently, my sister has been busy with hosting the Grand Galloping Gala this year. This time, she is need of extra assistance. I have heard many good points of your business expertise from Twilight Sparkle, so took it upon myself to ask for your help as I am unfamiliar with hosting such social events. Your expenses in travel and stay will be covered by myself and we intend to pay you handsomely for your work if you do accept. Please send your answer through Spike and we shall respond as soon as we can.

Maybe make this letter bold or italics. It might look more like a letter but that’s just a preference I have you don’t have to change this.

Glad to see update :) Hope to see more soon :3 Interested to see what happens considering Rich has Princess Luna on his side...

Yay! :pinkiehappy:
An update to a really good story!

Is there going to be another chapter?

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