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The Elements of Harmony haven't been needed in such a long time and still sit in their place at the Tree of Harmony. It's been many years since Equestria has been at peace. However, Queen Celestia and Luna have taken notice of things yet to come and have debated every option they could take. Tirek was brought up and Celestia decided that trying to reform him would be the best option they would have. The risk was heavy, but it was a risk they needed to take.

Based on my own Next Gen characters
Keep in mind this is how Celestia and Luna look like in this AU
Next Gen Queens

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 12 )

ohh please continue this is an interesting concept. Love to see how this shapes up. Hope to see more soon.

What about Cadence and Flurry Heart? What do they look like?

So beautiful

Tirek was right not to choose Fluttershy. Discord would do something crazy if he tries anything to harm his child and wife.

So the dumb-dumb sisters somehow thought he was gonna pick Twilight? When he's an opportunistic schemer who takes any and every advantage available? If the ending of this story wasn't semi-predictable, then i know this would have ended with Tirek finding a means of taking them all down. This only proves he's smarter than the alicorns when he wants to be - that's why i love him so.:D

I'm trying my best to write him as that. And that the princesses aren't omniscient and all-powerful. I admit, the story is predictable with certain things, but I still hope it's enjoyable. ^^

And so far, you're doing good. I love all-mighty, mastermind Tirek. I, myself, try to depict him as such in my writings. So I at least can say your efforts are good.:) And yes: whether he ends up reformed, or not, i'm eager to see what Tirek does next.:)

I didn’t read any of this continuity’s previous entries. Is Evening Twilght’s daughter?

The spark of worry grew larger with the added fuel in front of him. This may be the first time in a long time, or even as far as he could remember, that he admitted he may have underestimated his opponent.


I don’t know why this story isn’t getting a lot of feedback. It’s a pretty interesting look into how Tirek works.

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