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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." -Maya Angelou


This story is a sequel to The Ending of the Beginning

The moments of our lives are fickle things. We never really know what moments we'll remember years down the road, and we surely have no idea how significant some moments can be until they're already long past.

For three former villains, a great number of moments occurred between their faithful meeting with the former Princesses of Equestria and their ultimate revenge on two callous ponies from Manehatten. Some moments were tiny, still others enormous, but there was one thing they all had in common; for this odd little family, they meant the world.

Step back and peer through the window at these moments, these scenes, in the lives of three creatures who united to destroy, but were bonded together forever by love.


A collection of small scenes in the lives of Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow between the events of the first and second chapters of 'the Ending of the Beginning.' They'll be written in no particular order as I have no idea how far this story will go.

Got an idea, request, or suggestion for a scene? Comment below or message it to me!

Cover art borrowed from Flutterthrash


Villain-Tines Day- "Tirek and Chrysalis have their first Hearts and Hooves Day."

Upcoming Chapters;

Rules for Dating Our Teenage Villain Daughter- "Tirek and Chrysalis have a heart to heart with one of Cozy Glow's suitors."

Pick On Someone Your Own Size- “Cozy Glow gets some unexpected back-up when dealing with a bully.” Suggested by Ember Shroud

The Imitation Game- “Chrysalis has mixed feelings about Cozy Glow’s choice in Nightmare Night attires.” Suggested by Vaguely Demented

Sixteen Tons- “Tirek gets a job.” Suggested by Animation Crusader

We Need to Talk About Cozy- “Tirek and Chrysalis attend their first parent-teacher conference.” Suggested by Animation Crusader

Sleepovers 101- “Cozy Glow has Lily Vine and Mustard Seed over for her very first sleepover. Tirek and Chrysalis are unsure what to do.” Suggested by Green Cuppa

Decisions, Decisions- “Cozy Glow can’t decide what university to attend. Tirek and Chrysalis have an idea, but it comes with a heavy price.” Suggested by Wisp_of_a_Willow

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 31 )

What a nice couple, it sure is good that Tirek has Cozy teaching him about normal life things. I'm so happy that this was made.

Wait..... can we get a chapter where Cozy finally opens up about her biological parents to Tirek and Chryssy and we get some backstory?

Cute story. I assume most of these chapters will take place before Cozy's graduation?

I'm pretty sure that's the whole plot of the first story.

i miss this

The oddest pairings (in both fiction and real life) can often be the most loving.

“Honestly, I’d be irritated with her if I wasn’t so blasted proud of her.”

Gotta love this dynamic.

True, but it was mostly a bare-bones kind of thing.

Now that the trio has settled into family life, I feel like it be kind of cool that Cozy Glow lets herself get a little emotional on her birthday or something and she can then have flashbacks of how her parents even ignored her THEN.

It's one thing for Cozy Glow to tell us, but it would be really cool if we could be shone now that some time has passed.

YEAH! I love your stories ^_^

I love this universe. Nobody does a villainous family quite like you do

I love this so much.

Villainous family is best family.

That's cute, And, I thought Discord and Starlight Glimmer are happy about being reformed.

This is almost weapongrade level of cuteness. I loved the stories before and I'm 100% sure this lovely piece will be just as good. I can't get enough of those three lately. :twilightsheepish:

idea (maybe)
cozy vs stupid bully

Nice. Nightmare Night is likely to be interesting with this family.

This series has been some EXCEPTIONALLY wholesome stuff. Good going!

Razzy #20 · 1 week ago · · ·

D'awwwwwww ~ now that's a happy, if sometimes dysfunctional, family.

What's this? Another addition to my growing collection of family stories featuring the Legion of Doom? Sold!

I'm really interested to see what kinds of moments these three have. I second Ember Shroud and Vaguely Demented's ideas for chapters. I would also like to suggest taking a look at how Tirek acquired his job at the rock farm to support his family, and the first parent-teacher conference between Cozy's new teacher and her parents.

“Honestly, I’d be irritated with her if I wasn’t so blasted proud of her.”

The priorities of this family. I love it. I wish the Despicable Me franchise handled its central family the way you're doing with these guys.

Looking forward to more moments of this family to come.

well done my friend, I promise you this a series I will treasure with every update!

Can I suggest a chapter?
Name: Dis-banishment
Premise: Cozy glow comes home one day to a crying Tirek and Chrysalis. Their banishment- all three of their banishments have been removed, and they are free to move back to Equestria, free of all charges. On one condition: Cozy Glow must attend Twilight's school of friendship.

thoughts? Please?

EDIT: 2/17/20
Oh my gosh, you liked the sleepover suggestion? I'm honored! :twilightblush:

Chapter Suggestion(s):
Cozy Glow brings her new friends Lily Vine and Mustard Seed over for their first sleepover - at her house. Potential parent shenanigans, or we learn the friends think having a centaur dad (and maybe catching her exposed by accident) a changeling mom are awesome. :rainbowkiss:

The only other suggestion I can come up with at the moment is the moment Chrysalis changed into her new "embraces love" form.

Loved the previous installments, and can't wait to see what these in between snippets bring!

Comment posted by quickbooks01 deleted February 17th

It already happen with a side of revenge. Look for story before this.

Cosy can still use magic, right?

Thanks for accepting my suggestions for chapter ideas! :pinkiehappy:

Nope. Just a pegasus.

Really, She is not half windigo ?

Aaaaaaah that was so cute! I hadn't been keeping up with new fics but I got SO HAPPY I found these new in-process short fics about my family villain family!! :heart:

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