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This story is a sequel to Frenemies... With Benefits

At the conclusion of the Battle of the Bell, the three villains were incapacitated by a giant cupcake. But when the cupcake was poofed away, the trio of doom were nowhere to be found. For over a year, Equestria has stood sentry against their inevitable attempt at revenge.

Now two retired monarchs are about to discover that somehow, against all odds, the greatest threats in Equestria's history may have found the impossible; a happy ending.


The conclusion of the Frenemies Trilogy, with cover art borrowed from raritylover152.

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HA! I love this! Still bad to the bone.

This is a terrific finale for your little trilogy. My only complaint is that in the first chapter, it feels like Chrysalis and Tirek are a tad too mellow and complacent, particularly when both were perfectly willing to let the princesses enact punishment on them. The reason I think this is a mistake, because the core narrative of this story is centered around Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis becoming a family, not them becoming good or regretting their past actions. With that said, there isn't any real reason for Chrysalis and Tirek not to fight back against the princesses when they appear, doubly so when Cozy Glow is under threat by the princesses.

Aside from all that, you missed a golden opportunity to fit in the old proverb The greatest revenge is a life well lived. I can easily see that as being carved into a wooden plaque on their front door.

I read the first chapter and thought:
Hey, this was pretty good!
Sweet, but not overboard on the sugar.

Then I read Chapter Two.

Yeah, nicely done.
Upvote and Fave.

Impossibly saccharine...which is exactly what I’d want out of this story. Also yay best Reformed Chrysalis design!

I'm struggling to call this a happy ending. I'm definitely happy with it, but I'm sure two certain Ponies aren't happy.~

Old habits die hard.

yes they do

Unless it's a pony named Old Habits, in which case they die pretty easily.

This is how it should've ended.

This was amazing. Celestia and Luna were written pretty well. The trio make a very nice family here and that makes sense considering they had a year to further their family bond. It was also nice to see Cozy calling Tirek and Chrysalis mama and papa, a nice bit of development from the first story. It was good to see them truly reform (while still having there old selves). Now I'm wondering how Twilight and co. would react to this and what would the parent-teacher conferences would look like with these three.

This trilogy is going to be one that I will be rereading many times in the future.

Why do I think their are two Graves in the middle of the woods for stuffed shirt and number crunch

I really liked the first part. While I understand why some will like the second part, I personally don't. But since the first part was groovy, you still get a thumbs up and a fav.

Ya know, I'm happy they got their happy ending in this trilogy.

Even as someone who enjoyed the two-parter far more than some other people did, it was a tad disappointing to see that the show didn't go the "reformed-but-still-kinda-evil family" route with Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis.

Your stories are the dose of villainous fluffiness I was in need of. An excellently written trilogy, good sir!

”They’re together forever.” Celestia smiled back. “I can’t think of anything they deserve more.”

I lol'd. :rainbowlaugh:
(Granted, that was probably the intention, but I felt it deserved special recognition.)


Also yay best Reformed Chrysalis design!

Yup, there's a good reason why it's become one of the most commonly referenced designs. Jadedjynx certainly did quite the job back in 2016, that's for sure. (Dear Celestia, was that really just three years ago?)

At this point, there's probably some wondering on both sides as to whether the Rainbow did something to their heads. Celestia would ask Luna, because she's never been on the receiving end, and Luna would weigh her not feeling like it had to her suspiciousness of Discord's easy reformation, and they might write to Sunset Shimmer and ask her too. Because those three being brainwashed into good is more plausible than them coming to it on their own, especially to someone who hasn't read this fic's prequels.

Rip to the two old ponies in the woods

But besides that I loved this fanfic! It was so cute and sweet and not gonna lie, I liked this second part of it! Growing as a family but taking one last revenge as a villain family. Great story!

Well done and well written - the whole set of tales. Bravo.

This is everything I've wanted since Better Way to be Dad, and it's beautiful.

What Celestia and Luna were doing that far south of Equestria, I have no idea, but it gave them all closure. I like that the two sisters banished them because they no longer have real authority and they can see the three villains have formed their family, which is making each other better. I like to think Twilight and the others, especially Discord, would be happy to learn what became of them.

Chrysalis getting into the photography business was an interesting choice, and I almost wanted to say Tirek got a job at the Pie family's rock farm, but then I realized they'd be too far south for him to get a job there. But my gut was telling me Pie family rock farm.

I do not pity Cozy's biological parents. They kinda had this coming. I thought Cozy and her villainous parents would merely tell them off over their parenting and that Cozy had a better childhood with two of Equestria's top villains raising her. What we got instead was much more perfect, more in-line with their characters. They might've formed a loving family with each other, but they're still capable of being vengeful.

Thanks for this excellent trilogy! Ever since Frenemies, I knew I needed something like this in my life, and you delivered splendidly.

Love this story! good job and I am glad Cozy's ex parents got what was coming to them.

Aaaaaaah that was so cute!! I was waiting for this sequel since “Frenemies with benefits.” Oh my heart! <3 I’m so happy this is the happy ending they got. And their ‘day to day lives’ now seem to fit so well. As long as they’re happy.

Chryssie going ugly is still a bit of a sore point, but it's still leagues better than the usual reformation routine.

I love this so much. It’s everything I wanted. Tirek/Chrysalis are wonderfully adorable together, Cozy and her new family are finally happy, and yet after all those years, they can still have that edge from their old selves from time to time.
Altho the one thing I couldn’t get around my head was Tirek wearing clothes, that just took me off guard.
But I love the fluffiness from this. I love how everything was resolved for them. From them finding their peace and happiness with each other, Chrysalis learning to give love on her own even if it meant reforming, despite it, not completely changing who she is. Thank you for this. I hope my future Chrysirek fic that’s in the works can become as well rounded as this one.

Are family beatdowns their equivalent of game night? Cause that's one hell of a bonding exercise.

A few months later Cozy Glow was eagerly getting her hair done. "I'm still not sure if I'm comfortable with the thought of Cozy having a boyfriend." Tirek said.

Chrysalis patted his hand. "Now dear we promised we'd be supportive."

A loud roar was then heard as the whole house shook. "He's here!" Cozy ran to the door. "Papa, Mama this is my new boyfriend..." she opened the door and all her parents saw was a pair of big metal feet. "...Starscream. Isn't he dreamy?" hearts flying up from her.

"Cozy makes me want to be a better Decepticon." the boyfriend said.

In the words of M. Bison, “Ah... the road not taken.” It’s certainly sweet to imagine.

Also, Tirek with glasses seems surprisingly fitting.:rainbowlaugh:

Lets just hope the Wonderbolts don't do a show in Saddleburg anytime soon. Or else a rainbow maned pegasus might recognize a few familiar faces....

I love the line at the end. It's a heartwarming echo of exactly what Celestia said when turning them to stone.

Kinda surprised they showed to be honest.

Hah! XD Well they certainly acted like family often enough in the show.

Short, sweet, and beautiful

When did he say that? The USA Cartoon or the live action movie?


What?! Come on, now, Cozy can do WAY better than Starscream!

Strong coffee and a fun tale. What an excellent way to start the morning.


Starscream is an incompetent backstabbing coward who inevitably fails at everything. She should set her sights a little higher. Megatron is certainly into ponies, if those old Transformers Prime commercials are anything to go by.

Yeah, but Megatron might be a bit too old for Cozy. I mean, compared to other Transformers, he could be considered middle-aged.


Starscream's not THAT much younger. ALL Transformers are 'too old,' by that metric.

Good point. So, how about we try to ship Cozy with a character from another realm of fiction. Someone who is as young, cunning, and duplicitous as she is.


Beast Boy from Teen Titans?


He's taken. Ish.

What? I thought his sorta girlfriend Terra died in both comics and cartoons.


Yeah, but he's sorta got a thing with Raven kinda maybe?

I also wouldn't call him cunning or duplicitous.

He’s both a shapeshifter and a prankster. I’m sure using these talents requires him to be cunning and duplicitious.

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