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After an accident robs them of their parents, Rarity writes Sweetie Belle a letter laying bare a secret kept all the little unicorn's life.

"It's fascinating the level of depth this story takes. Just the part alone about why Rarity represents generosity is enough to bring tears to even the toughest critics. This is an amazing story in every way. Mature in some of its themes and true to life, yet not graphic or exploitive, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' is a must for My Little Pony fans who need a great, sad story to tide them over."
-Obake, Pony Fiction Archive

Beautiful cover-art by AcrylicDawn

A fantastic bit of fan-art from my dear friend Kaitlyn Warner.

A live reading by the Doom Pie Network Right Here

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:heart::heart::heart::heart: i've read this one before and even offered to help out on the final of the 3. i look forward to reading that one by the way, since'n you said you already had an idea for it

So many tears! I love it!

Please don't tell me you've got one of those for each CMC... That would just be overdoing it.

Here's betting there's some horrible secret Applejack is hiding, hope everybody didn't die overnight or something.

I want a sequel. I don't care if it won't be as good as the first one, I don't care that it won't have the same impact, I want a sequel. And I want to find out who Sweetie Belle's dad is, especially if it turns out to be somepony they've all known for a while.

1465640 Sequel's done, gonna post it tonight, maybe. Patience, faithful reader, patience... I promise only this- :applecry:

Well written, interesting spin on a plot that is fairly hard to pull off, excellent grammar, and good progression and pacing of plot...

Ladies and gentlemen, here before us is an example of one heck of a good story.

I like it, but was the end with the letter to Applebloom really necessary? :rainbowhuh:

Good show chap. Manly tears were shed this night, and kudos; not much can make me cry. I dare say you rival the caliber of "My Little Dashie":fluttercry::raritycry:

Alright, real quick, I wanna point out a few things:

1) Cupcakes: Didn't bat an eye
2) Rainbow Factory: Laughed
3) My Little Dashie: Eh, whatever
4) Right around this point...

Rarity shook her head and started to turn away. “You can still call me Rarity, or sister, or whatever you like.” Her lip quivered and she felt the sting of tears. “I know that you must hate me right now. I understand and I…”


Rarity shot back around to find Sweetie Belle’s face flooded by tears. She bolted across the room and buried her face in Rarity’s coat, bawling without shame.

“I don’t hate you! I could never hate you! NEVER NEVER NEVER!”

She sobbed uncontrollably, and soon Rarity was crying right along with her. “Shhhh. Don’t cry, Sweetie Belle. Please don’t cry.”

...little inklings of tears started to form in my eyes. I never cried, but damn, I was fightin'.

Though I have to say, the whole Applejack being Apple Bloom's mother was a little... eh.

1465688 Maybe that letter doesn't say what you think it does...

I did not find this sad or tragic at all... it was actually rather heart warming... Okay, maybe the untimely demise of Rarity's parents is worth the sad title, but still... it twas good.
Would LOVE to see a sequal denoting the details of that 'second' letter. Because more than Rarity/Sweetie, I find myself seeing that relationship with AJ/Applebloom.

1465688 Maybe that letter doesn't say what you think it does...1465794 Are you sure that's what happened?

Well, all these emotions. I hope there is a sequal coming soon.


Oh man, I don't cry that often, and this made me cry. A lot.:fluttercry: At the same time also it was really heartwarming. Can't wait for the sequel!:scootangel:

I like this plot twist, lets do it again!
-Satin said with a helping of sarcasm


Considering the story is marked as complete... there's no reason NOT to think it say that, and every reason to think it does.

Haven't cried like that since Lone Black Train.

Now curse you for not having the sequel up. I'll be stal- er watching you, for when it comes out.

Even muffled in her coat, Rarity heard what Sweetie Belle said next as clear as day.

"I love you, mommy."

Ok, that got me teary-eyed. I didn't actually cry, but it did get me teary-eyed.
Bravo sir, bravo. :moustache:
Favourited. :raritystarry:

I can't remember when, at what point, near the beginning I just saw this coming.
Somewhere near the beginning I thought, "Rarity's her mother, isn't she?"

1466287 Oh, this story is done. 'Dear Applebloom' has always been it's own story.


Ah. Got ya. Still misleading to the tenth degree, but I got ya now :rainbowwild:

Maybe it does say what I think it does? That's my point: It only adds a superfluous element of "what if" to a well written story, especial if you aren't going to write that next story.
So either cough up a next chapter (or a whole new story if that floats your boat) or stop messing around, eh. :trollestia:

If applejack is applebloom's mom and RD Is scootaloo's mom I'm going to strangle you.

Dang it my eyes are still dry, why didn't I burst into tears?! :raritydespair:

And as for the sequal please don't tell me you're going the same way with Applejack and Apple Bloom, and whatever you don't do it with Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. :twilightoops:

As much as I personally dislike the fanon that Rarity is Sweetie Belle's mother and that AJ is Applebloom's... something, I must admit that this was a moving fic. I cried.

I'm very interested to see if/where you go with Applebloom. Good work, sir. I'll be waiting for the next one.

1467519 Relax, my friend. I wrote these stories months ago and I'm just now finally getting them on FIMfiction. 'Dear Applebloom' has been submitted for approval as of 2 AM Eastern time.

A little insight is in order. This was a deeply personal story for me that helped me come to terms with my own origins. The tag at the end was supposed to be one of those open endings, the ones where the reader decided what it meant. A close friend wanted a follow-up, so I looked at all the possibilities of 'Dear Applebloom' and settled on the one I felt would be the best story to tell.

To all of you calling for my head, let me put your fears to rest; 'Dear Sweetie Belle' is the only story in the cycle that deals with hidden maternity.

:raritycry: You sir, made me cry.



I went with Big Mac being Apple Bloom's (yup, her name is two words, not one) father, rather than Applejack being the mother. The story sort of implies it being a similar thing, but Applejack being interested for her brother's sake allows that to work without having it be the same exact thing.

Of course, what the actual story will be, well, I'm expecting something different. After all, covering the same sort of ground again probably wouldn't be the most interesting thing to write and would potentially lower the emotional impact. At the very least, Apple Bloom won't take it well at all. It would also mean they'd have to turn over all those Sisterhood Social medals to the second place finishers :scootangel:

1468427 See, I've always been confused as to whether it was Applebloom or Apple Bloom. I've seen it both ways.

Meh, I'm sticking with Applebloom. It looks better to me. (Plusyou'rekindathefirstpersontopointthatoutsoIfigureit'snotabigdeal.)


Officially, it is Apple Bloom. That's how you'll find it in the credits of the show, on the toys, and anything else official. Think there was some confusion in the spelling early on, due in part to Applejack being one word, and that led to the error catching on. And so, AB's name is often misspelled. Given that she's one of the show's more important characters, it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine though. :twistnerd:

That said, ever notice that while we routinely refer to Twilight Sparkle as Twilight or Pinkie Pie as Pinkie, Apple Bloom is always Apple Bloom? Even in the show. Just feels wrong to type "Apple, what's up?" or "Hey, Bloom!"

And now off to read AJ's letter, since it just went up :pinkiesmile:

I figured out the from the description:twilightblush:, but this was amazing.

I've tried to come up with several different comments now, and I can't settle on a way to open it, so I'll just open it with this.

I find myself feeling happy for them, sad in some respects, but, the end......and you must understand I am not trying to be rude here, your story has done everything you intended it to (At least I think) I came near to the point of crying, and I probably would have started to if you continued that part where Sweetie finally goes to see Rarity....but the ending...it kinda killed it for me, I'm not sure if the 'Dear Apple Bloom' part was a joke, or if you were serious, I find myself speculating, what, is granny smith Applejack's mother and Big Macintosh and Applejack had Apple Bloom or something? I don't know, I am over analyzing that last part, but it, it kinda ruined the mood for me.

Overall I would give this story a 3 out of 5. From a critical point of view, its good, not the best, but its up there. My greatest disappointment is that I didn't cry.....I was really expecting to cry.......I've yet to find a story that has actually made me ball my eyes out........

Favorited, Thumbed Up.

1471882 He actually has dear Apple Bloom as its own story and it goes down sad and in a completely unexpected direction.
YOU WILL READ IT!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


I read and commented on it after I made this comment, it was interesting, though, I was kinda expecting it......I've yet to find a fic that can legit make me cry...In search of that, only reason I am even at this fic to begin with, lol........I am emotionless.........:rainbowlaugh:

1472555 Shimmer
It is very tear jerking:raritycry:

1471882 Wow, lotta hate for that ending.

As I've stated, the ending was originally just an open ending that was there for readers to speculate on.

As to the intended purpose of this story, it was partly a story I wanted to tell and partly self-therapy.

Well. Done. I am without words. Dont make sequel though; the storyline cant realy get much different and it will destroy the uniqueness of this one.

Sadly, I read this right before bed, so I was extremely tired and immune to most "feels". That said, it was a good story and the “I love you, mommy.” part just shattered my heart.

That said, I really can't imagine Rarity being Sweetie's mother based on how she acts in Sisterhooves Social, just feels like too much of a stretch.

Now, onwards to read the sequel!

To be honest, this made me cry a little :pinkiesad2:. Good job, gonna go read the next one now!:pinkiehappy:

Ooh, this story's finally on FIMFiction.net.


Oops, sorry, Wasn't trying to make it sound like hate, I just didn't like it that much, but uh, great story, really great story, (I'm bad at conveying thoughts if you can't tell by now, lol) I wasn't trying to hate at all, I really like your story, trust me, I only comment when I like the story.....:twilightsmile:

This was beautiful. Thank you.

I'll admit, I almost cried, but, when the page read "Dear Applebloom" I couldn't stop laughing, doesn't help the fact I'm listening to sad music either.. :twilightblush:

1477863 Dear apple bloom is a real story check it out it goes in an unexpected direction

1477900 I just read, i only laughed because it was so unexpected, but i nearly cried on that one too.

Feels! Oh, feels, where are you? Oh, wait, there they are! Shattered to pieces; because of this beautiful, beautiful story! :heart::heart::heart:
I cannot believe you. That's.... that's just wow. I'm never gonna look at Rarity and Sweetie Belle's relationship the same way ever again :pinkiecrazy: That's how good this fic was. Dunno how you came up with this, but BRAVO! :raritystarry: BRAVA! :scootangel:

Now, if you excuse me.... *goes to read the sequel*

I think you are my first favorite writer.:rainbowderp:
Story was amazing!:pinkiesad2:

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