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When Lord Tirek asks Cozy Glow what seems like a normal question, he has no idea the floodgates that will open... and how his relationship to the little villain might ultimately be changed.


A small bit of villainous sweetness inspired by both the dynamic of the Evil Trio and the cover art by soundwavepie.

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I don't know why I like the idea of this little family unit of sociopaths, but I do. Good work.

Fun take on things.

Also, hilarious title.

Oh this is the first story of this kind I've ever read, and I can't wait to read some others on the idea of this family.

Carefully, Chryssy, or you’ll Reform without even meaning to~!

This was sweet, in an Addams Family kind of way. Which is still pretty sweet given that Gomez and Morticia were once voted the best, most loving couple on television. Like, by miles they won the vote and beat out the competition.

Don't know weather to find this adorable, disturbing, sad or funny so I'll go with all three. Fun little story.

The italics came a bit too often at times for me, but I enjoyed a fair bit of this :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Emperor Grogar deleted Aug 9th, 2019

I’m actually glad I’m not the only one who writes about bizarre family dynamics, although this one is at least mostly normal.

God, I'm now wanting to see more of this trio and their family shenanigans xD

This was so sweet

I LOVE this! The family dynamic of these three is truly amazing and I really would love to see more.

Mayor Mare smiled as the scent of the morning coffee filled the air of her office, soon the sweet sweet nectar of life would roll down her throat and all would be right in the world. Soon the coffee pot finished it's job and she took a seat at her desk with a full cup of coffee and an even larger smile on her face "Now let's see whats first on the daily agenda" she began as she began to go though her paper work. "marriage license request for Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, honestly those two are too young for that yet., Party invitation from pinkie pie for this evening to celebrate Cheese Sandwich finding his laugh again, Adoption notice of Cozy Glow to Lord Tirek, Request for funding to remodel the school house...." she paused to take a sip of coffee, before her eyes widened and she did a spit take as she looked back to her list "TIREK ADOPTED COZY GLOW?! How in Luna's name did THAT happen!" she yelped.

It was then Discord popped into view "I was just as curious, so i cheated and looked "Apparently they used an old and nearly forgotten spell to do it, and as much as you might dislike to hear this, it's all quite legal, and binding and would hold up in court" he then grinned "Ohh such glorious chaos, I wonder how Twilight will react!" and with that he teleported away leaving a shocked Mayor Mare behind who sighed and pulled out a small bottle of whisky and poured a bit into her coffee.

(sorry couldn't resist)

Oh boy, I've been waiting for a fic like this since Frenemies aired! There are a few fics I've seen that want to explore this premise, but haven't gotten to the family part that you're writing about. While I believe Cozy is an orphan, her having such neglectful parents that she seeks parental figures in an evil centaur and evil bug queen works too. I hope by the end of the series, the three of them choose to stay together as a family. Great work! You get an upvote and a comment!

This is just pure win. I'd love to see various reactions from the Mane Seven, Starlight, Shining Armor and the princesses, the Young Six, heck even the CMCs about Tirek and Chrysalis adopting Cozy Glow. I like how you say there's an old, forgotten spell out there that makes an adoption legal without going through all the paperwork involved in such a process. I need a full story about this now!

What makes stories like this all the more sad is that Tirek and Chrysalis, while a disturbing pair, would make for excellent parents compared to many

I didn't know I needed this, but I did.
And now I'm a bit happier having read it.

Me, just a few weeks ago: You know, I’m really digging the new My Hero Academia manga arc. Seeing the League of Villains turn into this crazy found family makes me wish they’d handled the villain trio in MLP that way.

Me, reading this story: *wishes for it even harder*

I like this. Cozy’s motives behind writing tirek for an extended period of time make sense, and everyone’s desire for a bond is nice to see.

So, Chrissy is mom, Tirek is dad, Cozy Glow is daughter... I guess that makes Grogar the crazy uncle that no one likes. And Sombra... he's the uncle that died in a war and thus, Cozy Glow never got to know him.

Even demented megalomaniacs can use mutual support and love, I suppose.:trollestia::twilightsmile:

Oh man, this was legit full of cuteness, I can’t stop smiling.

Really good story.


Take my like and favorite

Ishipthismanisawesometheheartbeatandthebookis awesomewantmorehopeyourdoingwellchrissyismomandfamilymanyouhititoutoffeildwantmore.....

Nah man grogars definitely the cranky mean old grandpa that cant stand anyone anymore as a result of his deteriorating mind

The Evil Bunch.

Lord Tirek as the Overprotective 'Father figure'

Queen Chrysalis as the Monstrous Mother.

Grogar as the Grumpy Grandpa

King Sombra as the Fun but Destructive Uncle

And finally Cozy Glow as the Sweet little Terror.

.... Does that make me a Grandfather?

Oh boy.
(i say in a sarcastic tone)

Even Tirek can be cute by association with Cozy.
That wasn't a problem for Chryssie though. She was already cute on her own.

“Your nightmares have no idea what they’re in for.” Oh Tirek, you sweet old softie you.

And Chrissi (if I spell it wrong she won’t eat me right?) being drawn into the whole mom thing and then panicking about being caught at it is just perfect.

9772955 FINALLY, some decent TV

Yeah. That was my second choice.

I am currently sitting in my cubicle, grinning like a maniac, trying desperately not to squee out loud. This is a wonderful little story with a clever title and too much wholesome baddie adorableness. Have a like, fave, and follow, and congrats on the top feature!

Its quite obvious that being "evil" doesn't mean being miserable 24/7...

Any chance of a sequel? ;3

What a wonderful story this was. :pinkiehappy:

This was really good, I hope to get a short sequel with Chrysalis and Cozy.

I like the concept of this, but not the execution.

It feels a little too overtly sentimental. Tirek and Chrysalis both feel a bit too willing to accept their roles as parental figures and Cozy too eager to offer it to them. It would have been more interesting to have each of them privately/mentally recognize themselves as part of this relationship without admitting it. As it stands, it feels slightly out of character for all involved.

I would pay to see you actually write what you just described... if I had the money.


Given the time period the show aired they seemed like one of the only couples who might have ever done what needed to be done for their children to actually be born. Other couples weren't even allowed to sleep in the same beds on camera and their most affectionate action would be holding hands. Gomez and Morticia, it was a surprise they only had two kids.

This vote I’m referring to was done in 1994, though, by TV Guide. Gomez and Morticia beat out the runners-up, Rob and Laura Petrie of The Dick Van Dyke Show, by getting twice as many votes as them. And by this point we still had tons of other, more recent couples to choose from, like the Cosby’s (remember this is the 90s, before all the...unpleasantness...was known about).

But you’re right about the “sleeping in the same bed” thing. On top of that, once you get past their kookiness, they have one of the healthiest relationships on TV. To quote TVTropes:

[A]ctual relationship therapists have ranked Gomez and Morticia Addams as having probably the healthiest marriage of any couple in television history. They are very devoted to each other while still managing to maintain their own separate identities, meaning that neither one of them is always "folding" to the wishes of the other. They are secure enough in the relationship to have their own separate hobbies, interests, and friends without feeling threatened. On the rare occasions when a conflict arises between them, they focus on fixing the problem rather than attacking each other. And they constantly offer praise, gratitude, and encouragement to each other while resisting the urge to complain about and criticize each other.

What can I say? I was in a sentimental mood.

Well, the thought is appreciated, but I think I'll pass. Besides, part of me just likes the idea of Cozy being an unredeemable psychopath with no real empathy for anyone, let alone a desire for a father figure.

Besides, it seems a lot of other folks enjoy this story, so it doesn't really matter if I don't. :pinkiesmile:

Well, it seems to have found an audience anyway, and I'm no stranger to writing sentimental stories either, so I can understand that. Just consider it a matter of personal taste. I'm glad so many others enjoyed it even if it wasn't my cup of tea. :twilightsmile:

This story is amazing. I have always thought that Cozy looked up to Tirek as a father figure and while he wasn't acting like the loving father, I do like how you had Tirek behave here. I do think in the show that he does actually care about Cozy, well a little bit, but won't show it because it would rupture the strong personality we all love.

With Chrysalis, I love what you did with her. I love how you had the two sides of her conflicting. The part of her we all see going up against what she is terrified to embrace because of her reputation. I honestly think these three would make for a cute family. Three baddies all with the same cause....no tender love like a pony family but what would be "love" in their own warped way.

Liked, faved and have a follow.

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