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Come on, a group centered around this quarter of villains was going to come out sooner or later.
Anyway, the rules are simple: stories must be centered around these particular characters; stories of all three ratings are accepted; and spoiler alerts, given how recent the episodes are.
And yes, HiE fics involving the legion are also accepted.

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Best villain group ever.



Both the Tirek folder and the Cozy folder.

Where would a story that involves Cozy and Tirek go?

Thank you.
It's good to be here.

I have finally arrived.

you know the pencil next to the report on the group? click that and then press folders. after that there is a button saying create folder. then you put in the info you want and then make it.

what about Terror in Equestria? the first one has king sombra an chrysalis and the others are basically evil. nine has grogar, and ten has tirek.

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