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My Emperor! I just wanted to know if you want to check on your fight with the enemies you recognize as your true rivals and not just bugs you can step on.


Twilight Sparkle's child and his crazy friend.

Hello, Emperor Grogar. I was wondering if you wanted to read a story about you! Link is down below.

The Revival of the Tambelonian Empire

Hello! Almighty Emperor Grogar! Just wanted to check up on you to see how are you are doing. I hope that you have an excellent New Year! :pinkiehappy:


The world's moved on and now there's rules
Governing the use of spells and tools.
Wise is he who avoids the rancour
of Equestria's Bureaumancer.

Two things eternal; death and us
For we are agents of the ERS.
An audit shows your payments few,
Centuries of back-taxes due.

The Insurance Adjusters would like a say
About what you plan to do today.
Before you rend and tear and maim
You must first submit a claim!

The Thaumic Board needs to review
Just what your spells and curses do
Before you form a dark alliance
We must first check for compliance

We the grey-maned scholars and seers
Represent the Bureau of Peers.
Your claim must be reviewed by the board
'ere you're titled "Emperor Lord"

The EDF schedules events
For all the former Elements
They are all off today,
Pencil you in for Saturday?

Paperwork you will find
Soothes the bureaucratic mind.
The Reign of Terror will have to wait
'till we have forms in triplicate!

Say Emperor, what if there was an alternate season 9 where you were real, gather the three remaining villains but not bring back Sombra? And you wouldn't be Discord in disguise and royal sister don't retire. In the final battle, you fight the mane 6, while Stygian and the pillars take on Tirek, Spike and Starlight Glimmer vs Queen Chrysalis, and the Student 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders battle Cozy Glow.

  • Viewing 102 - 106 of 106
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