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'Ello Chaps!

Ponysona by MustLoveFrogs :yay:

Earlier Ponysona Vector by Cherry-Lei :pinkiehappy:

How did I get into Fimfiction?
Well, it had been a difficult year and I needed my daily dose of Dr. Feel-Good's Marvellous Cure-All that is Fimfiction!
I find writing fanfic incredibly therapeutic. It's amazing what you can get away with!
But I always try to be nice, I'll like any comments you send that help me in some way and I'll do my very best to be a pleasant chap to know.
What can I say about myself?
Hm...well how about 'What will it take for him to shut up?'
But seriously, I'm an illustrator-in-training from a small country town in Surrey who reads and occasionally makes comic books, hopes to go into voice-acting, is obsessed with Chinese culture, prefers ancient and medieval history over modern (Guns are for Sissies!), drinks copious amounts of tea and, oh yes...writes Fimfic.
I'm told I have a peculiar skill for creating truly vile villains.
As such, I very rarely demonise already-existing canon characters. No Ron the Death Eaters to be found here.
I don't, strictly speaking, watch the show (Shame upon the sinner) but I do my research on MLPWiki, YouTube, TV Tropes and from the opinions of others. I try not to get worked up when the creators make their flubs and I try to make things better in my own way.
I also do fanart for both myself and friends.
Watch my profile if you like: HisPurpleness

Favourite Stallion: Fancy Pants. The true gentlestallion.
Favourite Mare: Derpy.
Second Favourite Stallion: Doctor Whooves
Second Favourite Mare: Either Fleur de Lis or Zecora.
Favourite Bearer: Hmm...I'd have to say I like them all
Favourite Villain: Sombra
Favourite Redeemed Villain: Either Discord, Starlight Glimmer or THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!
Favourite Foal: Either Dinky Doo or Pipsqueak.
Least Favourite Character: Garble.
Favourite Pairing: Fancy/Fleur (Spike approves) I do understand Raripants but I love giving Fleur more character. She's very interesting.
Second Favourite Pairing: Dinky/Pipsqueak
First Fimfic I Read: A Brief History Of Equestria. One look and I thought 'I want in!'


So I've Heard About The Rings Of Power · 8:37pm March 20th

So I'm actually quite looking forward to The Rings Of Power, the soon-to-be cinematic series based on Tolkien's Middle-Earth lore. The Lord of the Rings is probably my favourite film trilogy and, while it's debated to this day, I really enjoyed The Hobbit series.
And there's something I feel I need to say...
I get that Amazon is...not a perfect company run by perfect people. I won't say anything else about that because frankly...I don't consider it relevant.

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3111934Did you find someone to write fanfiction? blog about it

Happy Hearth's Warming, Patch! :twilightsmile:

I heard it was your birthday today, so happy birthday!

... I'm not sure why your reply was the one to do it, but for being a main character of the story, I don't think I added Electro Swing to a Fancy Pants group. :twilightoops:

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