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'Ello Chaps!

Ponysona by MustLoveFrogs :yay:

Earlier Ponysona Vector by Cherry-Lei :pinkiehappy:

How did I get into Fimfiction?
Well, it had been a difficult year and I needed my daily dose of Dr. Feel-Good's Marvellous Cure-All that is Fimfiction!
I find writing fanfic incredibly therapeutic. It's amazing what you can get away with!
But I always try to be nice, I'll like any comments you send that help me in some way and I'll do my very best to be a pleasant chap to know.
What can I say about myself?
Hm...well how about 'What will it take for him to shut up?'
But seriously, I'm an illustrator-in-training from a small country town in Surrey who reads and occasionally makes comic books, hopes to go into voice-acting, is obsessed with Chinese culture, prefers ancient and medieval history over modern (Guns are for Sissies!), drinks copious amounts of tea and, oh yes...writes Fimfic.
I'm told I have a peculiar skill for creating truly vile villains.
As such, I very rarely demonise already-existing canon characters. No Ron the Death Eaters to be found here.
I don't, strictly speaking, watch the show (Shame upon the sinner) but I do my research on MLPWiki, YouTube, TV Tropes and from the opinions of others. I try not to get worked up when the creators make their flubs and I try to make things better in my own way.
I also do fanart for both myself and friends.
Watch my profile if you like: HisPurpleness

Favourite Stallion: Fancy Pants. The true gentlestallion.
Favourite Mare: Derpy.
Second Favourite Stallion: Doctor Whooves
Second Favourite Mare: Either Fleur de Lis or Zecora.
Favourite Bearer: Hmm...I'd have to say I like them all
Favourite Villain: Sombra
Favourite Redeemed Villain: Either Discord, Starlight Glimmer or THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!
Favourite Foal: Either Dinky Doo or Pipsqueak.
Least Favourite Character: Garble.
Favourite Pairing: Fancy/Fleur (Spike approves) I do understand Raripants but I love giving Fleur more character. She's very interesting.
Second Favourite Pairing: Dinky/Pipsqueak
First Fimfic I Read: A Brief History Of Equestria. One look and I thought 'I want in!'


'So Bad It's Good' Does Not Make It Good · 9:21pm Last Thursday

There's something I think I need to say...

So I hear a lot about how some people prefer films that are 'so bad it's good' over average or mediocre films.
So, for instance, people prefer Batman and Robin by Joel Schumacher to Batman VS Superman by Zack Snyder.
I mean, I see how this works. A film can certainly be entertainingly bad and gain more attention that way.

But then I hear how people wish films were made in the manner of 'So Bad It's Good'.
I'm sorry but...that doesn't work.

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Thanks for following, I hope you'll enjoy!

It's alright. I've just given it a look.
Hope it helps and feel free to look at my own fics if you like.

I do hate to be a burden.
And if the answer is no that's completely fine.
But could you please read my story and tell me what you think please.

  • Viewing 207 - 211 of 211
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