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Lieutenant Rae Sloane is a self-made officer in the Armies of the Galactic Empire with a platoon of firm friends she guards with dedication in her campaigns against the lawless forces of the Outer Rim.
Until one fateful skirmish on Umbara, she rescues a strange straggler, a young horse-like child with a piebald coat and a trail of bad luck.
Fighting to protect him on both sides of a merciless anarchy, Rae and Pipsqueak discover they are far from alone in the galaxy

My first official crossover.
Taking inspiration from my friend, Bronycommander, and getting into the Star Wars spirit.
Expect cameos a' plenty! I'm a huge Expanded Universe nerd. :twistnerd:
Pipsqueak's backstory is based of my own headcanon.
Enjoy and may the Force be with you Long Live The Empire.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 217 )

NIce work, eager to see more. Wouldn't be surprised if Pip meets Vader, that it would go like it did with Scoots. And if an officer wants to recruit him

Rae Sloane : Uh, sir, you know that he's too young to be a storm trooper and too short?
Pip: Hey!
Rae Sloane: No offensive Pip, but we don't haven't armor in your size.

Reminds me, I'd say that either the Death troopers or the storm commondos or even the Shadow Troopers could be the counterpart to the Dark Horse squad in stars wars and the shadow guards or the Hand of the Emperor could be the counterpart of the Eternal Knights.

Nice chapter, I like the Star Wars setting. Would we see more of other ponies in this fic?

We'll see them in Interludes on Equestria.
And maybe in the Star Wars-verse at the end. No promises.

Thanks. :pinkiesmile:
I am planning for Vader to show up. The more cameos the better.
I'd say the closest equivalent would be the Imperial Inquisition or the Mandalorian Commandos. The thing about the Dark Horse is that each one is unique.
But yeah, the Shadow Guard work for the Eternal Knights.

Well, I prefer the legend universe over the disney universe to having grown up with that. Let's hope they would have better chances against Starkiler. I also really hope the Zann Consortium doesn't capture Pip or discovers his home planet.:fluttershbad:

I get ya. I'm planning a mix of both.
Ah yes. I hadn't any plans for them but I'm intending the Hutts to have their hand in the matter somewhere.

That will be interesting for sure. About legend, I like the legend version of order 66 better than the canon chip version, it's just so silly to me. The Zann Consortium from Empire at war: forces of corruption just might be most dangerous to him due the deadly black market technology

and the fact they do racketeering jobs on many worlds; bribery, piracy, slavery, and corrupting local militia on planets, as well as intimidating or kidnapping individuals who defied the Consortium.

Certainly not ones to be taken lightly.
And I do agree, its much more climactic in Legends were the Jedi spread out and take the war to the Empire.
That way, both they and Vader are in their element.

Agreed. By the way, there is a deleted scene I had planned in the Empire today I had scapped you could use. Was supposed to be that Scoots, Forreh and Vader land on a planet with malfuction battledroids from the clone wars, fighting their way ouut like in a ground mission Sar wars Rouge squadron. Or that Pip and Rae find a droid factory from the clone wars, using it to fend of enemies. By the way, Thrown was a rival of Tyber zann in the imperial academy, if zann kidnaps him, wanting to use him as slave /ground troops ingame( Or sell him to the highest bidder, Trown could free him.

Could work. Thanks.

Rae Sloane and Thrawn should conquer the ponies for the First Order.

Well, there's not a whole lot of interdimensional travel, much less conquering, planned.
But I promise...You will see Thrawn in action.

The idea of their planet being in the Unknown Regions is better than interdimensional in a Star Wars fic tbh.

However, this is the Empire, interdimensional travel is a possibility by their scientists.

True enough.
Still, at the moment, they've got enough on their plate.

Btw, Parjai isn't Cav from SCAR Squad is he?

Would be cool if Pipsqueak befriends SCAR Squad and they act somehow like bodyguards to him whenever they're around. Considering how SCAR Squad is under the command of Vader and Rae Sloane eventually will as well, it seems likely they'll run into each other a lot.

I hadn't any plans on that.
Remember, Sloane's only a lieutenant at this stage.
But Parjai's identity is actually more well-known that you might imagine.
Listen closely to his lines. He's been on Umbara before.
Can you guess what he's referencing?

Parjai's Dogma isn't he?

Still tho, would be cool to have SCAR Squad there. Being part of Vader's command, she'd have to encounter them several times as an officer.

Not quite but you're close.
He wasn't with the 501st.
I'll see if I can fit them in. I don't want to cram in too many cameos.

Boil? It's not Waxer since he's dead.

Getting warmer.
Keep it in spoiler font.

Admittedly, I'm not very familiar with the Star Wars universe, so whenever I read a fanfiction of it, I get very confused, who is who? Which is which? what does this mean? And you know, the rest of the lore. I like what you did with Lieutenant Sloane cause I didn't read the tags and thought this was a straight forward Star Wars fic, so when the surprised of the Storm troopers came, I was surprised as well. XD

Thanks, Cherry.
It's mostly because of my dissatisfaction with Star Wars Battlefront II and how it really lied to the audience in its big trailer to explore the Empire's side of the war only to have the main characters jump ship to the Rebellion about three missions in and no further attempt to make the storyline unique.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Rae Sloane has garnered a lot of popularity from the fan-base and I felt she made a very decent heroine. She's a fairly liberal-minded Imperial leader and cares a lot for those under her but never compromises in her attempts to keep the Empire in control and is outspokenly against both the Jedi and Sith having their way. In Star Wars fanfiction, it's often human characters that are the most relatable.


Oh I've heard of that controversy, the entire game had a pay system similar to free apps that wrought fire among gamers. I don't know why, oftentimes I look for a fic about the empire, cause I'm curious about what life is like on the other dark side. Sounds like you have a good fanfic in mind, I would like to see how Rae Sloane would develop further by your hands. Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Thanks. :twilightsmile:
Yeah, got so bad that Disney stepped in and forced EA to get their act together and stop damaging the Star Wars market they'd just cornered.
Never have I been more grateful for Disney owning things.

Great work. The Yuuzhan Vong, given how they conquered Coroscant, I don't think Equestria would have a chance.

“Good.” Xamuel Lennox said flatly “Our first catch of the day.”

Nice refrence, I based Ian's personality on his. I can imagine Veers would have sympathy with Pip, due being a family fan, Yularen would too, while Admiral Thrawn I thik would find Pip fasninating. Tarkin on the other hand, proably see him as nothing but another "worker" for the Empire. Nice to see Rae comforting Pip, I think she already closed him in her heart.

I'm a bit surprised that Pip stays so calm while in the lab instead of being nervous.

“Senators? We don’t need their scum!”

You can’t put a ‘Power Level’ on the Force!

Well, If this would be possible, it would most likely go like this

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it so far. :pinkiesmile:

I don't think Equestria would have a chance.

Well, you shouldn't underestimate magic.
Who knows? With the Yuuzhan Vong's propensity for close-quarters 'old-fashioned' combat, Equestria might be able to match them. There's something inherently 'Fantasy-Style' about them.

Yeah, I couldn't resist that Lennox reference.
Yularen's going to be a family friend of Glandon and like a sort of uncle to Parisian.
And have you heard of Delian Mors before?

I'm a bit surprised that Pip stays so calm while in the lab instead of being nervous.

Consider the fact that Pip loves Nightmare Night and all it entails and he has a certain 'Explorer' outlook to his character. He's too engrossed in how new and different everything is to really let his fear sink in.
Technology operates on completely different rules in Equestria so, to be honest, he has no real idea what's actually happening but knows it looks cool.

Rae's kind of a contrary viewpoint for people like Padme. She's always thought the Senate was bad for the Republic and what led to the Jedi having too much of a say in things.
They're both right in certain categories.
And yeah, everyone always complains that Midichlorians are difficult to take seriously so I kind of went for the 'Might be real, might not be' approach.

If course, if terms of conventional weapons, Equestria could be have pronlems but magic is one thing that might be superior to any enemy force outside of Equestria. And Pip, makes sense, but still given the fact he's in a lab of someone he doesn't know, he could be a little bit nevous, not showing it. Glandon, this will be a name I will always remember, the man who led the Empire to all wars and made peace, holding the remnants together. Delian Mor, not really but read on the star wars wiki about her.

Yeah, Pip's always trying to stay strong and brave. When you're his size, you need to show that you won't be pushed around.

Glandon Froul's going to appear quite a bit later on.

Delian Mors is an interesting character. The hedonistic Moff of Ryloth who lets all her enemies imagine she's just a self-seeking, lazy incompetent but secretly plays them all in the shadows and helps to separate loyalty from treachery by testing it through nothing more than her façade of lax behaviour.
She has a thing for Twi'lek Dancing Girls. :trollestia:
But deep down, she's sharp as a knife and hard as nails as her enemies often discover too late.

I see. Quite a woman you don't want to mess with. Good thing that director Krennic isn't here.

Since you added Natasi Daala, here's some suggestions:

Captain Gilad Pellaeon: Captain of the ISD Chimaera, Thrawn's personal flagship.

Moff Zsinj: Former officer in Thrawn's fleet before becoming a Moff. Has close ties to Thrawn and is working his way to becoming a Grand Moff.

Admiral Voss Parck: Thrawn's mentor

Captain Dagon Niriz: Captain of the Admonitor and is close to Thrawn and Parck.

Admiral Sander Delvardus: Wife is part of the Tarkin family. Womanizer but in no way is he cruel like Tarkin.

Vice Admiral Terrinald Screed: Head of Imperial Naval Intelligence

Director Orson Krennic: No need to explain why

Admiral Osvald Teshik: Head of the Azure Hammer Command

Grand Moff Weblin: Head of the Black Sword Command

Baron Soontir Fel: Commander of the 181st Fighter Wing

Isin-Il-Raz: Head of COMPNOR

General Rom Mohc: Head of the Dark Trooper Project

General Cassio Tagge: Part of Tarkin's staff

Admiral Treuten Teradoc: Head of Crimson Command

Admiral Blitzer Harrsk: Head of Zero Command (I know Zero Command doesn't exist until Post-Endor but it sounds cool). Rivals with Admiral Treuten Teradoc.


And have you heard of Delian Mors before?

Read the book. I know her and I believe I know where you're going with this.

Like where this story is going

Wow. You know your stuff better than I do.
I admit, I don't want to cram in too many cameos (Though so far I've planned for Zsinj, Pellaeon and Teren Rogriss to make small cameos) But thanks. This will help a lot. :twistnerd:

Well I mean Parck, Niriz, and Fel are part of Thrawn's staff along with Pellaeon and Zsinj as a close ally.

Delvardus besides marrying into the Tarkin family, is also part of Tarkin's Command Staff along with Moff Ardus Kaine.

The rest are redundant. Could just be background characters.

I don't think Teren Rogriss has any connections with the above officers though Isin-Il-Raz may be a good antagonist unless you're adding people like Ysanne Isard, Danetta Pitta, or Rufaan Tigellinus.

(I assume Admiral Versio and Inferno Squad will make cameos as well? If Inferno Squad still defects, would be great to have SCAR Squad hunt them down.)

Also, I love the Imperial military. I'm familiar with a lot of these characters, EU and (shudders) Disney Canon.

The Isards will definitely be mentioned.
Rogriss I have mainly owing to his competence. He survived to the end of the New Republic, he must be doing something right.
Still, this is sort of 18-17 BBY in terms of timeline...vaguely. The Empire's very young but catching up fast.
Oh and Burr Nolyds from Crimson Empire is going to be one of Crodd's underlings.

Well, a lot of these officers got their ranks because they earned them and many of them are tacticians. Besides Raz and Krennic, they're all competent tacticians which is why I suggested them to you.

Righto. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks

Love the story so far but minor tidbit Rae Sloane was a member of the Imperial Navy, not the Imperial Army as stated in chapter one.

Of course if the needs of the fic require her in the army than its no big deal but I figured I would mention it just for clarity's sake.

Great work, I first thought of Death Troopers, rather the droid Dark Troopers. Pip being a mascot and the

“Look at you, you little diddums! Look at his little baby-face. Aren’t you just a treasure?!” She nuzzled him fondly and Pip found himself giggling as the Twi’lek girls gave squeals of delight, fighting to pet him as he rolled around, tickled and ruffled, laughing all the while.

just cute and heart warming! I can also imagine that Veers would give Pip a tour in a AT-AT. Thrawn, no matter if legends or canon, they both potray him very well

A patch-coated pony for Patchwork Platoon

Pip suits well, but I think Patch as foal would suit more with his name.

Yeah, I thought Death Troopers would add quite a bit of dread to Crodd.
To make up for his toadying lackeys.
Yeah, Mors tends to be a very leisurely officer but when the chips are down, she's a force to be feared, as you'll see. I based her off some of my favourite female comedians like Sandi Toksvig and Dawn French.

Thrawn, no matter if legends or canon, they both potray him very well

What do you think of Crodd and Pestage?

Well potrayed, my friend. About the intel officer, Quick response I have to say. Better watch out for the Emperor. But then again, Rare wouldn't let them take Pip, that's for sure. Say, have you planned to do any drawings for this story? If yes, I look forward to see them.

Ah yes the vipers nest that is Imperial politics and backstabbing for power, one of the empires most critical flaws.

Well, that's what happens when you're led by a man who literally feeds on hatred and disorder.

Excellent chapter, I was going to say Mors should've been depressed and less jolly until you explained this was before her wife's death.

So we've established the fact you intend to add Pellaeon and Zsinj to your story.

Maybe add Admiral Osvald Teshik to the mix? As commander of the Azure Hammer Command, he is not only responsible for the defense of the Core Worlds, but his ships also accompany important people like the Emperor and his advisors.

However, you can say Teshik has a strong distaste with the Imperial advisors and you could say he arranged an "accident" for Pestage.

I don't know if you'll add any other Imperials though. Admiral Octavian Grant simply hates politicians, the Imperial advisors included.
Baron Soontir Fel could lead Thrawn's fighter squadrons.
Commander Skarris could be part of Thrawn's forces as well.

Wonder if you're going to severely alter the Star Wars storyline. I hope you do because many of the Imperials you've introduced deserve better fates than what Disney Canon and the EU gave them.

You need any help with Imperial characters and warships, just let me know.

And thus why plans of Sith conquest end in failure eventually, and even if they instead try for an anarchic society they are in trouble either from other forces that seek order or some outside invader.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:
Well, I am considering none too subtly implying Yularen isn't on the Death Star when it blows up. Don't know how I'll quite go about that but the more I think about it, the more this guy deserves better.
I might need some more ideas on how they could earn better fates. You'd know more about that than me.
I am definitely bringing Soontir Fell, Dagon Niriz and perhaps Kres'ten'tarthi in later on, working with Thrawn.
And possibly Trench and Nuso Esva working with Toonbuck Toora.

Yeah. Yahtzee has this to say about their attitude in the Force Unleashed 2.

So we slip back into the Cuban heels of Starkiller - the most hideously overpowered thing in the Star Wars universe until they figure out how to glue three Death Stars together - Darth Vader's secret apprentice. And after turning against the Empire and getting himself killed in the last game (spoiler alert), Darth Vader has decided that the best course of action would be to clone another one, who hopefully can be persuaded out of his rebellious attitude with rigorous abuse. See, this is the kind of thinking that makes the Empire the formidable, universe-spanning power that could be brought down by college kids and their pet gophers.

But isn't Trench dead? However, if you do bring him back and Thrawn and his command ends up in the Unknown Regions, I can see Thrawn secretly putting Trench under his command. Trench is a formidable commander and I think those two can get along very well. Maybe even have a factory built in the Unknown Regions to produce Commando Droids for to mix his command with aliens, Humans, and droids. I can also see General Kalani under Thrawn.

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