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This story is a sequel to The Rejuvenation Play

Mayor Mare and the Ponyville Town Council have uncovered the shocking truth behind Derpy's upbringing. Faced with the wrath of some very important ponies, they must leave it up to Derpy herself, alongside the Doctor, to ensure those she feared and hated all her life won't come after her or her foal.

Warning: Bit of violence and gore in the flashbacks. You have been warned.

Sequel is in: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/352585/you-shall-go-to-the-gala

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I have absolutely no words for just how much that I absolutely hate worthless creatures like Derpy's pathetic excuse for an "aunt".

I just hope that her insurance is paid up.

Once certain ponies in Ponyville, and ESPECIALLY six certain mares (ONE of whom, as we all know, has a DIRECT line to Equestria's Princesses), get wind of what she's trying to pull, she'll needed it.

Every bit of it.

7673910 Well, at this point, the Mane 6 are still quite young but give it time.
Magnifying Glass is persistent but not particularly patient and this'll prove to be her downfall.

7674763 Oof, that's right! I remember that you mentioned in the previous story that Pinkie was a little filly, so that would make sense.

Good. Whatever she (and by extension her lecherous, idiot husband, too) gets, she'll more than deserve.

Can't wait to see that happen, either!

I guess she didn't take what Mayor Mare said about Princess Celestia blessing Derpy and Dinkie to heart.

OR anything that she said, for that matter.

Anywho, I hope you don't mind me asking, but about how many chapters do we still have to look forward to?

Just out of curiosity, you understand.

7675511 Well I'm looking at one or two more followed by a sequel.
There's gonna be a bit of a timeskip before things really kick off.
If you're interested, the sequel involves the Grand Galloping Gala (Though not the one with the Mane 6), meeting a few more of the fillies that would become the Elements of Harmony and a spin-off to a FancyFleur thing I'm hoping to work on.
But after that, the Elements are going to get involved and curd will go down. PONYVILLE STYLE!
Thanks for reading and I hope I don't disappoint.

7675588 Okay, cool. Looking forward to them.

Oh, I'm interested, alright, and I can't wait to read it!

Oh, I am SO looking forward to THAT!

Stuck-up, self-entitled "noble" trash getting their areses kicked Ponyville Style!:rainbowdetermined2:

Ain't NOTHIN' better than that!:raritywink:


Boy, when this bitch finally falls, she's gonna fall HARD!

And I can't wait to see it happen!

Heh, me, I say Princess Celestia oughta give her AND her lecherous husband to the good ponies of Ponyville to deal with.

What poetic justice THAT would be!

7680463 Things are going to get a little more complicated.
Going to Celestia would cause the Glass family to play their cards immediately and while it's unlikely they'd come out on top, Countess Magnifying Glass is a vengeful mare and if she was going to suffer, she'd make sure Derpy would do the same. The Doctor and pals are aware of this and so they'll need to work subtly.

7680711 Okay.

STILL can't wait to see her get her WELL deserved just desserts, though.:raritywink:

Stay tuned for the events at the Grand Galloping Gala coming up.
The Doctor, the Mayor and friends are going to get even!

And I cannot wait til they do!

That bitch won't know what hit her!

*rubs hooves together in sadistic glee*

Nopony hurts the mother of my Favorite Background filly!:flutterrage: He will Pay!

7757279 She will, don't worry. :rainbowdetermined2:

For some reason this reminds me of my fic where the Doctor is dinky's real father

7757308 I just thought it would appeal to the fanbase but it was a good opportunity to give him a bit more character.
Understand that he's not the actual Doctor Who turned into a pony, he's the Equestrian Equivalent of Doctor Who, he's been an equine all his life and shaped Equestrian history since the beginning.
Now he finds out he's a father. No running or forgetting. He's going to take responsibility and protect her from his past with the help of new friends and old.

The Doctor is dinky's father? Better and better!

7757353 Derpy's going to find that out in the sequel.
And the Doctor's going to tell the Countess exactly what he thinks of her.

7757353 Also, thanks for the watch, hope you like the sequel. :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

"I find you guilty as charged, Flash Sentry"

SO MANY JOKES! Here are the Top 5-10 (in no particular order)
1. You stole Twilight Sparkle!
2. You made Twilight Sparkle cry!
3. You stole a waifu!
4. You're a poorly written character!
5. You have no personality!
6. You stole and ate a donut!
7. You made a show cameo!
8. You were dumped by Sunset Shimmer!

"I am Sergeant Shining Armour of the Royal Canterlot Guard, 3rd Palace Grounds Platoon. Private Flash Sentry is under my command and as such it falls to me to moderate and punish any crimes or misdemeanours he may or not commit" he threw a disparaging glance at his newest recruit, who, though committed to his duty as a Royal Guard, was proving himself quite the troublemaker. This wasn't the first time he'd caught the ire of humourless nobles. But never had he been up before Lord Magistrate Nitpick.
Flash Sentry made an attempt to grin sheepishly at his Sergeant. Secretly, he was blessing his CO like a beggar would a guardian alicorn. Nitpick meanwhile, fumed like a foundry funnel.
"You, Sergeant, will not impede royal justice!" he pointed his gavel meaningfully at the officer "Your odious associate has perpetrated a violent and black-hearted offence against the crown and society"
"Yes, I've been talking with her Ladyship, Madam Lyrica. I assure you, on my honour as a Guard of her Highness, I will handle this"
"The sentence has already been carried out, Sergeant" the cantankerous judge declared "Three years in prison, dishonourable discharge and a fine of five hundred bits"
"Stop talking garbage"
Shining Armour had not faltered an instant. His manner had been of a tired teacher dressing down a difficult foal.
There was a collective gasp and murmur from the court as Nitpick drew himself up in disbelief, gawking at the curt stallion before him.
"I..." he growled "...am not in the habit of talking garbage, Officer!"
"Well, you're doing surprisingly well for a beginner"
The murmurs grew louder before the Lord Magistrate slammed his gavel upon the desk.
"A fine of five hundred, officer. Your associate is getting off lightly in my opinion" he sniffed, one eyebrow raised "If he cannot pay, I shall expect your office to do so in his stead"
Shining Armour gave a muffled snort of derisive laughter.

Shining, you rock.

Laurelore, Marephistallion, the Elements and, in general, all those present at the Battle of Faceless Rock, watched stunned as the mysterious time travelling pony rode vertically up the creature's tentacle, going for its mouth.
Sonic Screwdriver at the ready, the Doctor boldly uttered his favourite catch-phrase at the top of his voice.

*jaw drops*

"The Wonderbolts, right?" Derpy interrupted.
"Shoot, I'm getting predictable" Rainbow Dash chuckled, ruffling Derpy's mane.

Yes Dash, you are.

I hate the rich snob stereotype
I hate it so much

It hurt to lie.

You keep using that, I don't think it means what you think it means

8173195 Yeah, I'm trying to characterise him quite a bit.
I've got him down as a 'Jokester' (Not Joker that's something...quite different) character who tries and fails to be the coolest colt around but it still, at the end of the day, a good friend and ally.
Shining similarly, for any shortcomings, does his platoon proud.
And what were you expecting? It's the Doctor. I'm not pulling any punches!

8173200 Don't worry, Fancy Pants is going to show up soon.
The thing is, Derpy's torn between doing this alone and getting those she loves involved.
You'll find out why she's afraid of doing the latter.

Is there such a thing as disability allowance in Equestria? If Derpy lived in Britain she'd be able to secure financial support for her disability. That is, assuming she could work her way through the labyrynth that is DWP...

Don't forget childcare allowance!

Those 'Important Canterlot Ponies' we're Derpys parents weren't they.

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