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This group is for stories starring or featuring everybody's favorite time pony! (No, not the Master.)

Feel free to add your stories to the group, browse through the ones already in there, or just sit around and chat about Doctor Who. The only rule about adding stories is that it must have Doctor Whooves as the main character, or at least a primary character.

If you want to add a story but not join, you can pm one of the staff about it.

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Will the group banner eventually be updated to include a silhouette of Jodie Whittaker?

Doctor Who?

Hey guys so there is a good doctor whooves story called the DOCTOR written by deidorimu it's stars the first doctor

I love dr. Whooves he is best pony!!!!!!

Comment posted by The Portal Passer deleted Aug 13th, 2017

who do you think can be companions for the doctor? I can think of 6; Roseluck (obviously), Derpy (duh), Twilight, Lyra, Minuette, and Octavia (cause she's British)

Comment posted by Soaring Symphony deleted May 7th, 2016

greetings equinenes i am here to conqere your planet sontar-ha sontar -ha:derpyderp2:

Comment posted by DoctorHoovesFan1999 deleted Feb 13th, 2016

406942 delete delete delete you are incompatable you will be deleted

hello fellow doctor who fans:twilightsmile:


That's my best Daleks voice.

398651 I agree. Discorded Doctor is really freaking scary. I don't want him to be 11.

I have to admit, I'm scared of Discorded Whooves. Waah!

They made a Dr Who anime.

Comment posted by Oodles deleted Nov 28th, 2014

Are you afraid of the big Babs Wolf?

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