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Anyone who likes Doctor Who and MLP:FIM, as well as writers of crossovers involving doctor in pony form

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Not sure if it's in the right folder. But the doctor does have a major role in the protagonist life decisions.

How do I add my story to this group?

Greetings everypony, my name is SirScribe, and I have been attracted to this group page while I was browsing what this site has to offer. I would like if I can lend my writing of my currently constructed series: Whooves N' Jack starring Doctor Whooves and Applejack. to this group.
To RainStorm89, writing fanfiction is just so much fun and can probably be the cure to many things, for me is boredom. I say, go ahead with writing fanfiction if you are on the fence. I was once going through a similar problem before, and after a long time, I decided to write and try my hoof at it.
You choose your writing style and work with it. I will support you in any way I can RainStorm89. I wish you all the best of luck with your fics, and Allons-y!

hello everypony (or everybody)! this is RainStorm, but im sure you already know that. just want to tell you a little abouy myself and my interest with mlp. first, i was originally attracted to mlp out of curiosity, really. im a HUGE Dr. Who fan (Whovian, if you like) and i enjoy reading the dr who crossover fanfics on (not a link) and i noticed that mlp has the most crossover fanfics with dr who over all other media. so, out of criosity, i started reading some of the dr whooves fangics, at least the ones that actually portray him as the Doctor. well obviously i found it interesting or i wouldnt be here now! typed this using my Kindle PaperWhite tablet, so sorry for grammar andpunctuation issues. still debating whether to become a fanfic writer. please comment on your opinions!

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