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A group for stories starring or featuring female versions of everyone's favourite Time Pony. So, feel free to add your stories to the group and browse the selection. There is only one rule for adding stories, the Doctor must appear in it as a mare. The Doctor can also appear as a stallion, but if so, it's preferred that the Doctor be a mare for the majority of the fic. If you want to add a story, but not join the group, just message me (Alkonium) and I'll take a look at it.

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2017 guys and we now finally have a female doctor, no, sorry, SHE IS THE DOCTOR!

Comment posted by Doctorhooves21 deleted Jun 9th, 2015


oh yes i plan on doing that....:twilightsheepish:

Okay. You keep telling yourself that.:twilightsmile:


face of a doctor i may know (who by the way is just childish) Colgate will never be a murderer in my books but more a enthusiastic childish mare :scootangel: like me :twilightsmile: ...

Our headcanons seem to clash somewhat.:trixieshiftleft:
Colgate is obviously psychotic.:trixieshiftright:

Just look at that face.

Does that look like the face of mercy to you?

Colgate would never do such a horrid thing :fluttercry: D: ...but i do agree dentists are evil :twilightangry2:

I am thinking about drawing a series of picture featuring established MLP characters cosplay as the varying incarnations of the Doctor; here is my current roster, but I'm not sure about it:

The First Doctor=Octavia Melody, for being very crabby.
The Second Doctor=Applejack, for humility, cunning, amiability, and words of wisdom for friends
The Third Doctor=Rarity, for being sophisticated, foppy, and sometimes rather funny!
The Fourth Doctor=Lyra Heartstrings, for being a whacky, unpredictable, child-like, eccentric Bohemian.
The Fifth Doctor= Fluttershy, for being sweet, kind, soft-spoken, and expecting the best of their friends.
The Sixth Doctor=The Great and Powerful Trixie, for being "humble", "nice", and "skilled"....NOT! :rainbowlaugh:
The Seventh Doctor=Twilight Sparkle, for being a strategic super-genius (meaning Ace is Spike).
The Eight Doctor=Ditzy Derpy D. Hooves, for being a child-like, energetic, bumbling, romantic sweetie.
The Forgotten=Princess Celestia, because they both reluctantly did horrible things.
The Ninth Doctor=Spitfire, for being a high-strung, emotional, military stereotype.
The Tenth Doctor=Pinkie Pie, for being hilarious, nutty, hyperactive, happy 'n sad, passionate, etc.
The Eleventh Doctor=Rainbow Dash, for doing crazy things, being "cool" in a dorky way, for being superficially brash but actually kind of smart, and for being outwardly smug but being a true sweetheart on the inside! :heart:

yes, yes there are.

True, the're are a few nice ones

Not all, just most.

So she's like all other dentists then

lies, Colgate is a psychotic serial killer who uses her job as a dentist to grant her access to tools that she uses to brutally torture her victims to death.

Well.... first few minutes (or rather seconds) in and you already have a new Subscriber! I like it! The idea of Fluttershy as a companion always crossed my mind, but I never could never figure how she would be able to handle traveling with the Doctor through time and space, and leave her animals behind. Or that she would actually be brave enough to go with him at all.

332224 [youtube=MCzghakOvNE]

Oh? Could I get a link maybe? It's seems like you know your Doctor Who facts pretty well, so it must be well written. Also I am a sucker for the audio series, like when the original Doctor Who aired back in the 1960's.

332219 Yeah, I suppose I get around. I'm also in charge of a Doctor Whooves audio series on YouTube.

1) I Agree and see the error of my ways. Still this whole bit is a bit debatable since this is an alternate Dimension WITH it's own Galiffrey (Most Likely)
2.) You're right. We've killed this one already. MOVING ON!
3.) In that Case, I'd assume the Cellar since it would be the safest place in the House. She DOES sell wine after all, so she must have the best security for her wines in the cellar.

All in all.... I think this was a rather brilliant headcannon debate! :twilightsmile: Rather brilliant talking with you, and now I'm starting to see your headcannon a little more clearly... would make a little sence, but I'm not a firm believer yet.

By the way.... Alex is it? Hehe.... Amazing how to brilliant minds like our own end up with the same name isn't it? (I found your Deviant Art a While back. No wonder your name seemed so familiar.)

332183 1. You're forgetting about Time Crash, which featured the Fifth and Tenth Doctors meeting post-Time War, as well as The Two Doctors, which featured no involvement from any Time Lords other than the Doctor. In addition, the First Law of Time forbids interacting with one's past self, not being within the vicinity of them.
2. I think we've come to an agreement on that one.
3. Following that point, it'd be dependent on who her companion is. The most obvious candidate is Berry Punch, and as seen in Hearts and Hooves Day, she'd likely have room in her house for it.

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