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Just a group about Doctor Whooves and his companions because they are awesome. Personally, I love Doctor Who, but you don't have to to join! Just love Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, Dinky Hooves, all those ponies. I just felt like making a group about Doctor Whooves because I haven't really seen that many out there. So, yeah. Wibbily wobbily, timey wimey, stuff.
1. No inappropriate/sexual behavior
2. Please ask me before putting bad language in a story. (Private Messages work)
3. Any character from Doctor Who is accepted (monsters, Doctors, companions, companions families count)
4. Don't blink

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Dalek is best villian.

i love the doctor and torchwood because i think it has john de lancie in it but still i prefer rose tyler and derpy out of all the doctors companions

There is a collab PMV for The Big Bang Two that i am joining and if you want to you can join as well! Just read the rules at this link. :pinkiehappy: Please help my friend on Scratch out.

Silence will fall, just watch

4. Don't blink

You sure? It's fuuuun!

~Weeping Angel :pinkiecrazy:

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