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You may call me DHF1999 or just Doc. I will try to write some stories, but in the meantime, reading/commenting is what is left.

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I actually have completed the first Darkness book. Really good, although there were some grammar errors.

Thanks for following me! I am always thankful for that, and I hope you enjoy all that I all the stories I have written.:twilightsmile:

Hey there! Thanks for the watch! I hope you're enjoying everything we've got so far!

Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

KO thanks for the watch and hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories!

EEEEEEEEEEEEE Screams intensifies!!!.

Thank you for the watch!


Ok then.... Here have a smile:😃

Here's my thanks:

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

This is priceless!!! HAH! your name is Time Agent pony!!!! Wooow!!!! I'm a f*cking Whovian and this is who I see!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--(coughs) sorry....:twilightblush:

thanks for the invit,:raritystarry: really means a lot to me:raritywink:

Thanks for the follow! Here's one back!:pinkiehappy:

2125549 It's really funny you mentioned the 9th Doctor. I almost made Frozen Shadows a 9th Doctor story. He's one of my top favs (along with the 5th, 7th, 10th & 11th).

Hey there DoctorHoovesFan! Thanks so much for favoriting my King Sombra story Frozen Shadows!

I am a big-time Doctor Who fan, too. Am actually going to Gallifrey One in L.A. this weekend, so I'm really glad I got the chapter done before then and hope to get it finished up by posting the last one this Thursday. It'll be tight, but I think I can make it!

Normally I write about my Beloved King of Shadows, His Royal Majesty King Sombra, but the pull to craft a time travel story going back to his time from modern MLP times was too strong. I actually have a sequel planned for the future, but if all my pony peeps really like my take on Dr. Whooves and Derpy, I woudl be very open to doing more with them and their glorious Time Box in the future. If you have any ideas of what and where you'd like me to take them, please let me know!

Catcha you later and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!

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