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My God, I need a better bio.

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Doctor Whooves Stories · 2:29am May 20th, 2014

Everyone had a take on Doctor Who In Equestria, so why not me?

I've been writing this story and the first episodes are in Fanfiction.

#1 An Unequestrian Pony (Now in this site!)
#2 Digital Equestria

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Hello, hello, hello?

This is Lord Puropogo, President Elect of the High Council of Whovians, Keeper of the legacy of weirdness, Defender of the laws of Madness, Protector of Earth. Just kidding, I'm just another writer. I like Batman, Doctor Who, Dragon Ball, Sci Fi Stuff, and that kind of things.

If you don't like my stories, you shall be deleted.

And of course you don't want that, do you?

This is my Fanfiction Page

Proudly born and raised in Colombia.

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I put in just 2 words separate from each other to make it sound ridiculous by accident....:facehoof:

hah, allonsy!

:twilight Smile:

Why u no have story 2&3?!? AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage:

Hello there! To get the flag counter go to this site!
There you can create your custom counter and skip the add e-mail part when generating it. You will receive a code for forums.
Use that on your page and voila.

Have a wonderful day !

1248367 Well, I like Dave, it's a really cool Doctor.

Love David tennant!:pinkiehappy::facehoof::scootangel:

They are my favourite Doctors too but David tennant is still my favourite I mean

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I give up · 2:16am Feb 25th, 2021

If someone wants to finish the story for me, DM me.

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