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New Chapter on Sonic and EQG Forces out. · 1:56pm Jul 4th, 2018

Hi there. I'd just want to let you guys know that a new chapter of Sonic and EQG Forces is out. Hope you enjoy.

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If you're still planning on continuing your sonic and equestria girls series maybe next story could be like sonic mania where sonic and his friends get turned into kids, and sunset and the girls have to look after them from eggman and his robots. Sonic, knuckles, shadow being around the crusaders age. Manic and tails younger than them, and silver turned into a baby. (Idea from a fan comic where the hedgehogs were brothers shadow the oldest, sonic the middle, silver the youngest) it would be cool if they had child attitudes. Sonic not talking, but maybe when excited he says (gatta go fast) , knuckles trying to be the treasure hunter he is (him braking things and exploring, a meek and shy shadow trying to control his chaos powers, tails trying to build anything out of nothing, manics theiving habits, using everything as a drum set and curiosity , and silver with his tantrums.
The idea of the girls taking care of super power kids and keeping them out of trouble. Rainbow dash trying to catch sonic, rarity and twilight trying to stop and crying baby silver, fluttershy and applejack scolding manic and knuckles for stealing something, pinkie making a young shadow laugh, and sunset stopping a tails experiment from exploding.
Its also a good way for the girls to understand more of the guys history. Introducing other sonic characters like Sally, rotter, bunny, uncle chuck, blaze, and Maria.
It's just something to think about, but I hope you consider. Thnx.

Hey, you still making stories? Or are you done?

Hey buddy, did you see the new Sonic movie?

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