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New Chapter on Sonic and EQG Forces out. · 1:56pm Jul 4th, 2018

Hi there. I'd just want to let you guys know that a new chapter of Sonic and EQG Forces is out. Hope you enjoy.

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Hi there. Will there ever be a Team Sonic and EQG Racing storyline in your next stories?

Hey, I realized you never did a story on how Sonic meets the Mane Seven. Sure we got the explanation that the two worlds merged, and new memories were made to replace the old ones, but other than that, we absolutely have no idea how Sonic and the gang became friends with Sunset and the others.

I have a proposition for you. With the poorly animated piece of sh- I mean, the Sonic Movie coming out soon. Perhaps that could be used to explain how all the chaotic adventures we know and love started. But nothing is set in stone, we don't even know what the movie is about yet. This whole idea could crash and burn because nothing in the movie can be used. But it's just food for thought.

Please think about it, and have a fantastic day, my friend. :raritywink:

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