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I am but a nobody that likes ponys. Sunset is best human/pony. Profile Picture was drawn by a Streamer StephOfanime


Picture drewn by Jolliapplegirl
Name: Abyssal Shield

Gender: Male

Race:Unicorn with Thestrals blood in him or Vesper

Cutie mark: Silver Sword and Gold-rimmed Shield

Talant: Battle magic, mainly Sword blade magic

Jobs: Mercenary/Adventurer

Personality: ISTP(archetype)- He thinks on his feet to get things done and he is stubborn and caring to those close to him. Well tinker with new spells on his sword.

Likes: exploring different place to it fullest, cold place, spicy and tropical food

Dislikes:Sout food, the heat, the sun for being to bright, being the center of attention, thouse who pick on the weak

Hobbies: practice his swordplay, cooking due to him being alone on the road alot

Quirks: mumbles to him

Prized possession: Magic Bangle that his mother gave him


Mother: Steam Gleam is a unicorn guard to Celestia

Father: Shade is a Thestrals part of the night guard


He learnd most magic from his mother, manly battle magic. He attened Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns for a couple of years befor starting to travle around due to his parents separating. His mother went to be a royal guard in the Crystal Empire.

Name: Eza
Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Job: Mercenary

Personality: She is stubborn dragonness that thinks on her feet, she act's aggressive to people taking advantage of others. When anger smoke comes out of her noes.

Likes: Sun bathing, Taking her time, Hard alcohol

Dislikes: Cold, anything fruity

Hobbies: Taking lava bath's wile munching on gem's

Family: Known


She traveled to Equstria after losing the Dragon Gauntlet, and when she arrived she joined a guild that helped other creatures. but before leaving she lived as somewhat normal dragon life, she stayed away from other dragonness and fought male dragons to show off her strength.

My EQG oc

Picture: N/A
Name: Abyssal Shield
Skin color: Grey
Hair: Spike dark red
Wears: A black jacket with a blue t-shirt, and sunglasses outside(Light sensitive eyes)
School: Canterlot High
Personality: A loner that tends to be by him self alot but was a small group of friends.He attends advance math and science. Very much a gameing nerd.
Job: Works at a café far away from the school
Dislikes: Bullys, he well go out of his way to help(Hopefully in a peacefull way)
Likes: Video Games, Takeing long walks(Yes I do that in real life)

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Re-write my SU fic, plus more · 7:43pm Sep 22nd, 2019

First sorry for not writing in the past couple of months, I have not been in the mindset of writing but now I am so a few things~

I am going to re-write my SU fic because with everything that happened in the show and the Fic it was a side-story too kinda not been updated in quite a while. So if you want to see anything added to the story and/or Gemsona added let me know.

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