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Welcome, fans of Ben 10 franchise and guests.
This group exists as library of MLP\Ben 10 crossovers and as something that unite us - fans of this Universes.

Now this is a young group, but in time it will grow and you will be able to find here awesome crossovers, information about B10 Universe and maybe even some fan-theory!

Everyone is welcome here and we'll be really glad if you want to help us to develop this group.

Following contains information (maybe spoilers) about B10 Franchise (like races, planets, tech etc.)

Franchise's World

Franchise's action takes place in many places - not just Earth or planets in Milky Way or Andromeda Galaxy.

B10 Universe have complex Multidimensional (Different Dimensions, such as: "Null Void" - artifical pocket dimension that works as super-prison, or "Ledgerdomain" - dimension from where magic comes) and Multiversal (Alternate Universes like: Gwen 10 Universe, Universe without Omnitrix, Generator Rex Universe, etc.) systems.
However most well-known universe and dimension is so-called "Ben-Prime timeline".
Mostly, Multiverse filled with a different worlds with sapient (or not-so) species with unique biology, culture, technology, and other.


Ben's Universe filled with billions of different species, or races if you will:

Race name: Human\Earthling\Terran

Homeworld: Planet Earth\Terra

Body type: Humanoid

Special abilities:
Genetical adaptation - human genes are fully compatible with the genes (or their analog) of other races. This makes possible human\alien offspring, so-called Hybrids.
We don't know if other races have such "power", but for now all Hybrids that existing are half-humans.
Mana-sensitivity - Humans are one of few know Mana-sensitive creatures. This means that some humans possess ability to control raw mana or use it to form magical spells.

Humanity of B10's world very simmilar to us, their biology, politic, history is pretty much same to ours, the only difference - they had confirmed extraterrestrial contacts, at least, since the Middle Ages.

Race name: Pyronite

Homeworld: planet-like star Pyros

Body type: Silicon-based humanoid

Special abilities:
Pyronite physiology - pyronites bodys are made of "living" fire, magma and magmatic rocks and because of it they have some natural fire and heat resistance and, obviously, their body temperature is much higher then most other races. Not to mention, they have some sort of rock-based "armor" that covers most of their bodies and serve as additionan protection. They are also slightly stronger compare to "standart" race's such humans.
Pyrokinesis - all pyronites have natural ability to control and generate heat, magma and fire. Besides the standart fireballs and heatwaves pyronites can take control over existing fire and "calm" it down or change it's vector instantly. This power also allows people of Pyros to fly, using their fire as jet-thrusters.

Began its existence on super-hot star-like planet Pyros the "hot-headed", rocky Pyronites developed their way into galactic community. Their culture, politics, history etc are still unknown to us. Under the effect of disease simmilar to Earthlings' "cold" pyronites body and abilities changes into cryo-based powers.

Race name: Kineceleran

Homeworld: Kinet

Body type: Humanoid-like veloceraptor

Special abilities:
Kineceleran physiology - because of harsh, dangerous and ever-changing environment of Kinet all life on this planet has developed some way to adapt and survive in world such as this, Kinecelerans aswell. This race is capable of moving at super-sonic speed, have super-fast reflexes and very agile. Their super-speed allow them to run on some liquids, like water, and run on the walls aswell.

...To be continued...

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