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Moonlight Spark

Student by day Gamer/Writer by free time \ I'll be writing more once I can think of something that I can make a story off of it.

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CHS vs CPA vs MHS: Battle of the Bands story- incomplete (revising)

All About Moonlight Sparks- hiatuse

Fairy Tail: Light and Dark- incomplete

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I'm still alive · 12:59pm Sep 27th, 2017

Hello everyone! Guess what? I'm still alive!

It's been a long time since I updated my stories, and it still going to be longer due to different reasons such as:

1)Writer's block
2)IRL problems
And more...

Though, I'm slowly finishing the next chapter of 'Fairy Tail: Light and Dark' and going to continue 'All About Moonlight Sparks' afterwards, then 'My Little TF2', and last but not least 'CHS vs CPA vs MHS:Battle Of The Bands story'.

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Thanks for the watch!

Thanks for faving Bad Therapy. I'm glad you enjoyed it:)

Welcome to the wolfpack Moon! :twilightsmile:

Burst is probably my favorite too. And my next story is a holiday one with Christmas coming up soon.

2356804 my fav stories right now are the Sleepovers and Slumber Parties, 63rd Dimension, and the duelist rangers season 1. Can't wait for the next one. :pinkiehappy:

My fav character would Burst. :twilightsmile:

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