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Student by day Gamer/Writer by free time \ I'll be writing more once I can think of something that I can make a story off of it.


A MLP x Fairy Tail crossover

One day, The main 6, along with the CMC took a trip in Manehattan. There they met a group consist of a pegasus with a salmon colored spiked hair and wearing a scarf. An earth pony with yellow blond hair wearing a small saddlebag full of keys on one side and a whip on the other. And a blue talking cat carrying a small green sack in his back. After that, their trip turned into an ever ending journey all over Equestria with the guild: Fairy Tail.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 60 )

Gotta love fairy tail can't wait for the next chapter

I hope they don't cause trouble for Twilight

Hope the next chapter comes tomorrow.:fluttershyouch::pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish:

7808077 It depends on how busy I can be, but more chapter coming with more characters.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

7807688 we will never know.:pinkiehappy:

Just kidding, next chapter We'll find out.:twilightsmile:

Well shoot, I'm down for almost anything Fairy Tail. I know Happy says "aye", and I'm pretty sure the other is Lucy. Though one thing I've noticed in this and another story, wouldn't Natsu's guild mark be on his shoulder since on the manga it's on his upper arm?

7808596 I fixed it. Sorry for the misplace.:twilightsheepish:

7808751 Eh, it's cool. Like I said, if I'm not mistaken it's in the same place in another Fairy Tail story, so i didn't know if it was a misplace or just me not knowing the terms for equine anatomy.

Abyssal vs. Celestia for a slice of cake.....that would be a fun fight

So Abyssal is taking Erza's place?

Well first, Fairy Tail need to compose them selves since the princess is right in front of them. Second, Natsu might try to fight Twilight. Last, cake!

This is the second time I've seen a Fleur in Fairy Tail fic.

7810700 well, if you look at what's similar between Fleur and Mirajane, they're both models. Mirajane is often a model for the Sorcerer Magazine. And Fleur is a female unicorn supermodel. And I think it will be fun seeing Fleur uses Satan Soul.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

7810738 It'll be interesting. Something tells me Sunset will be relevant later on.

I see you replaced Erza in it..... Can't wait for the next chapter

A bit disappointed that Erza was replaced, but I might be able to live with it.

pretty interesting premise, like, upvote and following

hope to see more soon:twilightsmile:!

10 bits says it's Natsu, Lucy, and Happy that show up. And I get the feeling that the Element Bearers are about to get some magic.:raritywink:

7815434 ha! Your a lucky stallion sir *gives 10 bits*:pinkiehappy:.

Magic enhanced Pinkie Pie....

NO WAY that ends well for anypony OR the Fouth Wall..

and Double Rainboom taught us what will happen with Dash so...

7815444 Thank you.:pinkiehappy: Now we wait to see how much of Ponyville gets destroyed this time.:rainbowwild:

Huh. Wasn't expecting Sunset, but hey, I like Sunset. She makes a great star for any kind of crossover, apparently. And I'm starting to think Twi is going to end up with dragon slayer magic because she has Spike to help. Or he gets to use it.

I knew Sunset was gonna appear at some point. Also Pinkie sucks in a fight, especially since her powers work for comedy. Fluttershy reminds me of Gohan for some reason and I'm pretty sure that ALL of Princess Celestia's students have varying degrees of combat magic or something.

Ya Sunset has made an appearance and love the combat magic you gave her to.

Loving the story so far:heart:

A lot of grammatical errors and the flow feels a bit off, but otherwise it is a good story....

Why do I have the feeling Pinkie's magic will somehow involve self multiplication (without the aide of the mirror pool) and a lot of hacksaws.......

I should have brought more popcorn.

So now we have Laxus, Evergreen, and Bixlow, right? (Just trying to keep up with who's who)

7829187 Ehm. Not exactly. But they will show up in a later chapter.:twilightsheepish:

I suddenly have this feeling that Scoots is either Rainbow's little sister by blood, or her niece. And my instincts are screaming that Grimoire Mind already got to Cloud Dasher...


Cloud is my OC and I agree 100%, the puzzle fits

Why is Ezra replaced? You ponified Natsu and Gray. Why not Ezra?

Me as the antagonist?
grabs popcorn, a front row seat, and joins the ride

Levy's solid script letter magic seems right for her.

That seems perfect for Twilight.

.“So, you came to look for a job or what?” Applejack turned to the voice to see an earth pony mare with an ample bust and tan skin. She has long, mid-back length brown hair with varying shades of color, having been seen as bright brown, black, and, ultimately, plain brown. Her cutie mark was two mug of booze clank at each other, splashing some content.

Wait, is this an anthro story?

Personally, I would like to see it continue, but only if you want to. I'm not about to force an author to write something that they don't want to.

Welp Cloud is about to buck shit up

8001391 But I want to write it:twilightsheepish:
I just wanna know your guy's opinion on it:twilightsmile:

8001987 I would love to read it. I look forward to it.

Why is Lucy here? I thought Rarity replaced her.

Ok. First you need to focus on one fight at a time.

7820372 Have you SEEN the Death Battle between Pinkie Pie and Deadpool? You severely underestimate her fighting capabilities. I mean, she can control THE VERY LAWS OF PHYSICS!

7829187 Honestly, from Natsu's reaction to Bloodmoon's appearance, I would compare him to Gildarts.

8126242 I know that she can control the laws of physics. I also know that Pinkie also has the secondary powers of confounding anyone and making the local universe shudder with her presence. Happy now?

7954295 I guess that would explain the whole Pinkie blushing because of Gray thing?

What about Erza?

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