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Moonlight Spark

Student by day Gamer/Writer by free time \ I'll be writing more once I can think of something that I can make a story off of it.


[First story of my OC stories. This was made from an RP that me and my friend RavenTheGhost did. Thanks a lot man! :pinkiehappy: ]

It was only a simple night patrol until a robbery occurred. Turns out, it was more than just a simple robbery...

Chapters (2)

When a lab accident caused by Moonlight's chaotic counterpart, Bloodmoon. Ember, Moonlight, and Bloodmoon woke up in a strange world that Ember didn't know about, Bloodmoon who know a lot of it, and Moonlight with only a small hint of knowledge of where they are. Join the trio as they explore their location, survive against waves of bipedal robots, meet new friend and enemies, and figure out how to get to their world. This is TF2...
A TF2 and MLP:FiM crossover

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro

Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve

Chapters (5)

A MLP x Fairy Tail crossover

One day, The main 6, along with the CMC took a trip in Manehattan. There they met a group consist of a pegasus with a salmon colored spiked hair and wearing a scarf. An earth pony with yellow blond hair wearing a small saddlebag full of keys on one side and a whip on the other. And a blue talking cat carrying a small green sack in his back. After that, their trip turned into an ever ending journey all over Equestria with the guild: Fairy Tail.

Chapters (17)

No one know's the past of Moonlight Sparks, a captain of the pegasus guards on the day, and a batpony flying throughout the night. Only Twilight, Spike, and Starlight knows that Moonlight is a batpony at night. But Moonlight tells them the story of his life his friends never knew from the day they met.

Chapters (7)

One morning,a mysterious letter was found at the desk of both offices of Canterlot high and Crystal prep High's principals.

Celestia and Cinch was shocked about the letter.It was an invitation from the newly opened school on the outskirts of the city.An invitation to compete in the Battle of the bands.

But since their school is a bit small.The owner/principal of the school ask if they can held the finals of the event in Canterlot high school grounds.(Which Celestia agreed)

No one knows,even the principals didn't know whose the owner of the school.But that didn't stop Sunset Shimmer and her friends to know who it is.Who could that be?.

Chapters (9)
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