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Let ideas and all speech be free. I will respect your ideas, your characters, your ponies. Feel free to ask me anything!

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Peace. See you around the Unsafe Space.

3095397 I wanted to know your view, and you shared your thoughts with me. Thank you for that.

But in the end, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. Our views seem too different to consolidate any meaningful common ground.

I do respect your opinion though. You seem very knowledgeable.

We can do the same thing easier with gene therapy. Get off the soapbox, dude. We're not going back to selective breeding and human husbandry to try to breed a master race. Also, devolution doesn't exist. We're not going to turn into chimps just because MTV and SNL are popular. Evolution is not a ladder up and down.

3095395 That's not how evolution works. If humanity keeps devolving as it does, increasing the bad gene pool, there won't be any humanity in the future.

Eugenics is causing catastrophes without victims. Why would that be a bad thing?

And we do know what is good and what's not. Why do half of humans need eyeglasses? Why would that be good? Sure, maybe you can find some obscure specific instance where a gene for bad eyesight might be beneficial, but generally, it's still bad and we all know it's bad.

We could live in a world where nobody would need to wear glasses. That world could be right now if our parents made smarter decisions. Why must we act as stupidly as they did? Why are we creating a new generation of people who will make even worse decisions? Isn't it about time that we broke the circle of a downward spiral? Why must we keep pushing ourselves down? Why can't we bring ourselves up? It would be so easy and effective. It should be considered a crime not to do it.

Catastrophes do narrow the gene pool, but what you're suggesting is tantamount to creating a catastrophe. We simply don't know which genes will be useful. It's best to hold onto as many as can for as long as we can.

  • Viewing 161 - 165 of 165
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A little bit about my writing · 3:22am Last Friday

I've created a LOT of stuff and a lot of concepts, characters and stories and it can be pretty hard to keep track of. But I think the journey is important, so I've done my best to keep deleting the first attempts and roughs to a minimum. Unfortunately, I wish I hadn't deleted the few things that I did and so I'm trying to keep that in mind in the future. Those comments from the early chapters of my Dan Vs. crossover being an example.

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