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Let ideas and all speech be free. I will respect your ideas, your characters, your ponies. Feel free to ask me anything!

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I originally wanted to use me following people as a way for me to promote other people. I didn't want to be someone who just followed everybody and did nothing with it. Following should mean something. I wanted for people to find my page, see who I was following and for that to be a way to encourage other people to follow them as well. That, and I do far more writing than I do reading on this site so I wasn't compelled to follow anyone. Might've been a distraction.

But now, I'm starting to be a bit more active and so I thought I'd finally follow you guys. If anybody deserves some support, it's friends like the two of you. Also it'll help me tune the story to what I think you might like more. Finding out what the audience likes is important!

I tip my hat in thanks good fellow. :ajsmug:

Might I inquire as to what prompted such an act of charity?


Hey hey, thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train, Barro, swore you were already on board, bt oh well, welcome regardless! :yay:

You seem to be a nice guy, you seem to support individual liberty and free speech, and especially you support it over mandates, stipulations and restrictions imposed by the government. And other reasons.

Thank you for the follow, what did I do to deserve it?

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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5-Year Danniversusary Special Preview! Episode 18: Dan Vs. ??? · 10:27pm 6 days ago

It's been five years since I began writing Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship. In five years, I've updated it every Saturday with a minimum of a thousand words of Dantastic content. I decided to do this to give my own writing a measure of stability and to provide it to you, my fans and followers and anyone else with love for ponies and Dan and hilarity in their hearts. As I have said before, this story is for all of you and you are welcome to add your characters and headcanons to it. No idea, no

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