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One Lost Island is a collaboration in which a group of authors surviving a plane crash find that the island they crashed on wasn't what it appeared to be, not to mention characters they created roaming the island themselves.

See Rules and Information for those things.

Wanna join? Give Solar_Flicker a message.

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While I am not the leader, there really are no limitation on what you can send to The Island. Powers deemed to strong will be nerfed. Queen Rosedust should be fine just make sure to get "your" email to Solar_Flicker so you can edit the Gdoc.

Can I be Queen Rosedust from G1 ? She's a Flutter Pony. Otherwise my OC from that story literally hasn't been born yet, and will end up being a spoiler.
This video best shows what a flutter pony is, no "Utter Flutter" though that's in part 9/10...
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Yeah, kind of figured out that was who you were... Also, going to dinner in 20 minutes. Will be back in like an hour after that.

306663 That you are!

I am in the right place, right?

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