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There are a few Jakes on this website. I'm the ginger one.


Sunset Over Paradise · 12:25pm May 31st

If you're an impatient little troglodyte like me, you've no doubt already seen the three Equestria Girls specials, with English subtitles of course because as of right now they're only in Polishโ€”

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Here in America 'torch' only refers to the flaming kind. That's why the description threw me off.

But in that case Luminary was right about you people!


Well I think we usually call them torches. But technically isn't a torch just any handheld source of light? You can have like... flamey torches.


Luminary said you'd call it a torch.:fluttershysad:

I was in a VR haunted house where they said you'd be alone with nothing but a torch, but actually you had a flashlight. Luminary said your people are known for calling them torches.



Ah, okay! I guess Luminary was wrong.

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