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It's almost time for Hearth's Warming, which means that the annual School Dance is here and this time, it's shaping up to be the best one ever.

There's just one problem.

All of Scootaloo's classmates have it in their head to bring to a date, and there isn't a free colt to be found. Will Scootaloo find a date, or will she be doomed to endure shame and embarrassment from her class mates?

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Van Halen?

I like this story and I haven't even read it yet! :pinkiehappy:

3579159>>3579159 I thought so too

Have you seen her, so fine and pretty...

When reading this my phone decide that the text should be in cursive or whatever it's called when the text tilts slightly.
Anyways great story.

Think you missed a closing italics tag. Half the story is in italics.

Why is a good portion of the story in italics?

3579563 Because Jake dropped a close italic tag [ /i ]

3580389 That's what I thought...

Sweetie had a smile so wide I could see the little dimples on her cheeks. “Aaaaw, thanks Scoots! You look pulchritudinous!”

Christ's bollocks, Ginger, how long did you spend with a thesaurus to find THAT one?


Yeah, I'm an idiot. The italics don't transfer automatically when I copy and paste from Gdocs, so I manually put in the brackets and what not.

Still, how embarrassing...

This. This was, just... :pinkiegasp:
This is one of the best romance stories I've read on this site. Just, argh. I can't find the words. If I could follow you again I would.

This story just made me hug my roommate cat (I'm allergic to cats:raritydespair:). It is well characterize and awesomely sweet.

I just noticed that I made an horrible mistake after reading some of your other stories : i didn't start stalking you, but i learned from my mistake and now i do.

This story really does have just about the best, most appropriate ending ever.

Not the traditional happily-ever-after-together. But one that reaffirms what they are to each other.

So awesome. So cute. :heart:

I think that you've managed to capture Scootaloo's personality and mannerisms perfectly, in a well-written, well-paced story, with a most appropriate ending.

Marvelous work indeed - Liked ,Fave'd, and scored :yay:/:yay: from the judges.

My Reaction first: :rainbowhuh: Then the leaning in :twilightoops: Then the kiss: :pinkiegasp:

Cute. :twilightsmile: The Scootaloo narrative made this fic really entertaining.

Also, my shipping goggles totally spotted Raridash in this. :ajsmug:

:rainbowwild: -"Hey, Rares, I should probably follow these two to the dance! Go keep the bed warm til I get back."
:raritywink: -"Sure thing, Darling. Be careful with those dresses, girls!"

Van Halen time!

Very cute story.

Very cute. And a bit weird, timing-wise.

You see, my school semi-formal is coming up soon... and then this came out.

If this is planned, awesome. If not, more awesome.

Either way, this like is earned.

Aghhhhhhhhhhh my heart I got a heart attack. and diabetes.
The dawwwww is strong in this one.


This was incredibly awesome.

Well written, well paced, and a decent length to boot.

I loved it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was super cute. Loved it. I was a little put off at the beginning, given it was first person, but Scoots' voice grew on me.

Considering that I normally don't like first person stories, this was really good, it really felt like Scoots was telling what had happened - and justifying it as soon as her thoughts were ... drifting
Not to mention it was awfully cute :yay:

Nothing came to mind. Well, almost nothing, but I was pretty sure riding into the barn on a dragon wasn’t gonna go down well with Miss Cheerilee or Applejack.

Or Spike!

Good, it's not just me!

The cuteness....overload... !!!

Awesome story. Loved it.

3581063 I have a word for you, eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious. It just simply means good. It took me about a minute to find it.

This is wonderful. You've done a great job telling the story in Scootaloo's voice. The way that, from the start, she pays a little extra attention to Sweetie Belle's mood or appearance sets things up nicely. You then develop that in a way that feels natural for kids their age, and never devolves into creepiness (something I was worried about when I saw the romance tag). Overall, a fun and incredibly sweet story. Kudos! :twilightsmile:

I'm not usually one for kid-romance, but I actually really enjoyed this. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

Well that was right adorable. Excellent use of the first person view point to add flavor and amusement to the story. Scoots makes for a great narrator. Loved the pacing, and I think ending it as you did was perfect. No need to have them immediately fall madly in love, it felt far more natural to just have them express feelings just a bit beyond their current friendship. Leave the development of a true relationship as something to be built upon from this night together. Well done.

You rarely ever use the word "damn" or the word "adorable"?

It's already been said numerous times, but this is a fabulous story. :raritywink: The pacing is great, the plot well thought out, and the interactions believable. Not to mention Scoots' narration; very nice! Hooves to you, sir. /)

My review:

Mission completed

Great pacing.:pinkiesmile: The story seemed to flow seamlessly from scene to scene. I loved your characterization of Scoots and her narrative voice was amazi- Awsome!:rainbowdetermined2: Ending felt perfect for this story and reaffirmed that we are indeed reading about two very young ponies feeling something extra in their friendship that may develop into something else later.

Faved!:pinkiehappy:Thank you for the wonderful story.:twilightsmile:

Nice, not a single moment over powering lovey dovey shipping and no rampant hormones driving them to a frantic make out session.:pinkiehappy:
Kudos. :twilightsmile:

This story was 20% cooler than average! :rainbowwild: This story was well written, and it was casual, giving off a relaxing aura. The breaking of traditional writing rules was pulled off nicely (this was like a conversation, and unlike a formal essay), and the one thing that tends to irk me, the writing of the word "you" in non-second-person stories, was very well done. It just seemed to... fit. And the plot overall was developed realistically and well done. So- so perfect! :rainbowkiss:

SO FUKING CUUUUUUUUUUTE:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Yes. Yes I did.

What fireparrot said. Also nice goonies reference.

“Girls, we got a problem,” I said. Me and Sweetie were holding up a ladder Bloom was on. She was hammering in a colorful banner in the barn. With her hoof. Earth ponies are really underrated, I reckon.

“What is it?” Bloom asked, smashing her hoof against the nail in the wall. I like to think I’m pretty tough, but Bloom’s something else.

First thought: AB mindlessly smashing everything. WITH. HER. HOOF.

Its so beautiful.

Well all I have to say it wasn't that cute but great story.

I'm always a slut for adorable scootabelle fics

Far as I’m concerned the theory as to Big Mac’s cutie mark is canon.

kid romance done super well!!

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