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Aspiring writer, self-proclaimed hardcore gamer, adept of human psychology. Does not consider excessive pride for a vice.

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  • The Royal Daughter King Sombra kidnapped Princess Skyla from her crystal cradle and took her to a faraway land. She was meant to be his dark legacy. She was never meant to become his daughter. by Prane 2,136 words · 1,564 views · 109 likes · 1 dislikes

089 Adventures in Flashficking! · 9:11pm June 24th

089 Adventures in Flashficking!

The anthology project-thingy is gaining some momentum, not only thanks to Flashfic, but also to you, chestnut connoisseurs! Shoutout to Kapuchu and Jedi Wolf for throwing prompts at me. Yes, that's a thing now, y'all feel free to give me some!

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